Nutrisystem Week 19: I survived Thanksgiving and LOST weight! #NSNation #spon

I’ve been enjoying some new breakfast items lately! You know those chewy granola bars that your kids eat? Ooh, I could probably go through a box in a sitting if I wasn’t careful. Nutrisystem has their own (super yummy!) version!

Meet the Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar! I save them for those days when I know that I’m just going to need chocolate. I can’t think of a better way to kick off my day than with some sweet chocolate!

I survived Thanksgiving. Someone make me a t-shirt!

Oh man. When you’re on a mission to lose weight, you know that the most caloric day of the year is going to be tough. I thought I had it totally under control, and that I’d be prim, proper and practice restraint.

I wasn’t totally perfect, but I did okay!

On Thanksgiving, I pretty much didn’t have time to eat breakfast. I knew that if we didn’t have the meal on the table by 11:30, our kids would eat us alive. I know better than to mess with three kids’ schedules! So we woke up, watched a little bit of the parade, and I started cooking. I made sure to drink a ton of water while I was cooking, though, so that I wasn’t working on a totally empty stomach!

We had the whole spread — fried turkey, creamy corn, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie — everything! I was totally prepared to want to eat and eat and eat. I got a small amount of each thing that I wanted, and was surprisingly full really quickly! We all ate, and promptly took a 4 hour nap while the National Dog Show played on TV in the background, haha!

Photo Update — with Andrew!

We put up our Christmas tree last week, and we felt like we needed to take some pics! Here we are, in all of our glory. Photo taken by my 5 year old :).

And in case you need a before and after side by side, here you go!

Together, we’ve lost over 65 pounds in about 4 months! 

The Weigh In

I weighed in this morning at 173.2 pounds — that’s a .6 pound loss for the week! For it being Thanksgiving week, I’ll happily take it! That makes my total weight loss 33.8 pounds!

Andrew weighed in without a loss or a gain this week. I was totally expecting for us both to gain, but I’m proud that we can at least maintain when we go totally off plan for a special occasion! His total weigh loss is 32 pounds. 

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