BiGR Audio Madison Avenue headphones are harmoniously awesome.

When I’m not listening to music on a run, I’d like to have a pair of headphones that are a little more luxurious than my in-ear buds. I’ve never had a real high-quality pair of headphones, so I was anxious to try the Madison Avenue headphones from BiGR Audio!

Luxury never sounded so good

The first impression when you open your package from BiGR is just pure elegance. The Madison Avenue headphones come in a super chic bamboo wood box. I can’t think of a better way to store something so nice! Check it out:

This is perfect for storing your headphones at home! And once you open the gorgeous box, you see…

A dust bag! It’s perfect for travel, and is great for protecting your headphones while on the go. It’s secured with a drawstring to keep everything in its place. 

Functional Elegance

The Madison Avenue headphones have features that are useful and well designed, like a cable with a built-in call answer button and microphone so you can go between music and a phone call with ease. The soft ear cushions are covered with a pillowy material to keep you comfortable.

Buy it!

You can buy a pair of Madison Avenue headphones in either white or black from BiGR Audio for $129.00. If you have a music buff on your gift list, these would make an amazing gift!

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