Giddy Up, Gift-Givers! The Baby Butterscotch Pony from FurReal Friends is here!

We were driving down a highway here in Arizona, and we saw a couple riding horses in the desert. We asked Emma, my 5 year old, if when she turned 16 she’d prefer a pony over getting a car. Girlfriend picked a pony, and she reminds us often that she is willing to forego a vehicle, so long as she gets that pony.

Little did she know, she’s going to be getting a pony sooner than 16! Under Emma’s Christmas tree will be a FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch Pony. Is it weird that I’m really, really excited about this?

I can hardly contain my excitement! Whenever we go to a store, I always stop by the Butterscotch FurReal Pony and make a huge deal about it. “OH MY GOSH A PONY! EMMA. A PONY. Wouldn’t this be SO COOL?!” She always agrees, and I think she knows deep down that I really want that pony, too.

Along with your Baby Butterscotch Pony, you’ll receive a brush for her flowing mane, and a tasty carrot.┬áBaby Butterscotch has animated facial expressions, posable limbs, moves her head, blinks her eyes, and makes sounds just like a real pony!

What makes Baby Butterscotch so lifelike is that she has sensors on her head, back and nose, so she responds in different ways. She’ll snuggle up to you, munch on her carrot, and even snore while asleep.

If you’re looking for a gift with a big heart, Baby Butterscotch will take home the grand prize ribbon!

Buy it!

You can buy a Baby Butterscotch by Hasbro Toys for $119.99.

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