Gifts that are sure to please: Customized iPad Cases from Vivo!

Freckleberry Gift Guide BannerA while back, I bought Andrew a customized iPhone case with photos of the kids on it. I was a little nervous to see his reaction, because I wasn’t sure if it was really his “thing”, y’know? Turns out, he loves it! It’s been on his phone ever since Father’s Day of this year!

iPadFolio-blkIf you have a grandma or relative (or yourself!) who has an iPad, you’ve got to check out the customized iPad folios from Vivo Maker! You can get any photo printed on to your iPad case. Imagine how tickled they’ll be to see their puppy or their grandkids on their tablet case each time they use it!

Just head into the design studio on the Vivo Maker website, and you can arrange a collage of smaller photos, or choose one single larger picture to use. The iPad cases are available in either black or red.

I received a sample folio for our iPad, and it’s of decent quality. It has the ability to become a stand of sorts so that you can type or watch movies easily, and that’s an important feature to have! You can also get mobile accessories, wall art, and other great photo gifts at Vivo Maker, so give them a look!

Buy it!

You can buy a customized iPad folio case for $39.99 from Vivo Maker.

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