Ka-chow! Check out the Cars Lightning McQueen Hawk! #Review

Freckleberry Gift Guide BannerMicah is obSESSED with Cars. Any and everything Mater or McQueen, we have it. It’s even to the point to where if we hear a song that’s in the movie, he can rattle off exactly what part of the movie it belongs to!

Mattel-Logo-No-BoxThankfully, Mattel has me covered for Christmas! They have all kinds of Cars toys, and I had such a hard time picking just one for Micah! He’s a big Mater fan, but I wanted to get him a different kind of Lightning McQueen toy. Once I saw the Lightning McQueen Hawk, I knew that it was the one! mcqueen hawk Uh, can we say AWESOME?! So it’s cool enough that it’s a pretty big toy (think dinner plate sized), but it’s got WINGS and ROCKETS and all kinds of things that pop out. See?

McQueen collageI love that it’s an unassuming Lightning McQueen, but when you pull down the back flap and BAM! Jet engine, wings, and and missles! Also, the McQueen Hawk makes realistic conversation with your kid! It has a built-in sensor that can detect how your kids play with him; then he makes sounds and speaks phrases corresponding to his movements. Need play time to be a little quieter? An on/off switch provides a silent option! Haaaaallelujah!

It’s a perfect gift for boys and girls alike, and is geared towards ages 4 and up. Micah, my 3.5 year old, will absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see him open it!

Buy it!

You can buy the Cars Lightning McQueen Hawk from Mattel for $43.99, but right now it’s on sale for $37.99!

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