Need a last minute stocking stuffer? Pick up some Toy Story Color Splash Buddies!

Freckleberry Gift Guide BannerIt’s almost here. The fat man is preparing for his trip down the chimney, and the elves are in panic mode. But you’ve got it all covered — right? No? Still need a few things? You’re probably not alone, my friend. I come bearing a cute stocking stuffer idea — the¬†Toy Story Color Splash Buddies Two-Pack from Mattel!

Mattel-Logo-No-BoxMy 3 year old is renewing his love for Toy Story, and Maisy, my 19 month old, is just discovering the world of Buzz and Woody. Sometimes I think this generation lucked out — they didn’t have to wait 10+ years from the first Toy Story movie to the third! They get to take in the trilogy all at once. Lucky ducks.

I wanted to get Maisy and Micah a Toy Story present, but they had most of the figurines, and I wanted something that would be age appropriate for the both of them. I found these Toy Story Color Splash Buddies and knew that they’d be perfect for bath time and play time!

woody and trixie
buzzEach set comes with one of the main characters and a secondary type character, and I thought that was pretty cool. It’ll help expand our set of toys for sure! I mean, we have seven million Woody figures, but no Trixies! Each toy changes colors in the bath tub, too! Just don’t leave the water on like Rex does in Partysaurus Rex ;).

Buy it!

You can pick up a Toy Story Color Splash Buddies Two-Pack at any of your favorite retailers like Target, or you can find them on Amazon.

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