Nutrisystem Week 21: Keep On Rollin’ #NSNation #spon


We are pizzaholics, there’s no doubt about it. If I could eat pizza for lunch or dinner every day, I would. I’m personally a pepperoni fan, but I’m always game for fancier pizza toppings.

297x220_FRZ_MargheritaPizzaAndrew is loving the Margherita Pizza! It’s a fresh frozen lunch selection, and it’s delish! It’s great to be able to eat pizza with our kids, and know that it’s on plan! Yum!

Well that was tougher than I thought it would be!

Remember when I told you last week that I bought myself a bike and bike trailer for Christmas? I went on my first major ride this week! I loaded up Micah and Maisy into the trailer (about 55 pounds worth of kid!), and set out on a 6 mile route. It was cool enough to warrant a long sleeve workout top, too!

bike exhaustionSo there’s me before the ride (I look like a cranky pants! I’m not, promise!) and me after the ride. If I look like I’m about to pass out, it’s ’cause I was. OMG. I severely underestimated how hard it would be to pull that trailer! I live at the foothills of a mountain range, and holy cow — those little teeny hills are KILLER. My thighs were on fire! I had planned to do 6 miles — but I knew I would have ended up stranding us far from home. So I made it a 4-miler instead. It was still a great work out, and now I have a goal to shoot for!

Food. It’s hard.

I’m still having a really tough time with turning down snacky things. I think my biggest temptation is finishing my kids’ food. Why on earth would someone want to eat food that’s been picked over by preschool aged kids?! Food addictions make you do crazy things, y’all. I’m trying to keep my water consumption on track so that I never hit a hunger patch and cave!

The Weigh In

I was nervous about this week — I usually weigh myself daily, but I hadn’t weighed myself in 3 days. I hopped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised — 172.0! That’s a 1.8 pound loss for the week, and a total loss of 35 pounds!!! I so want to hit 40 pounds lost. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Andrew weighed in with a one pound loss for the week! That puts him at 33 pounds lost!

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    Your poor face! I bet you feel AMAZING for doing that though. Congratulations on the bike ride and you are SO CLOSE to getting to 40 pounds lost. That’s amazing!

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