This Dyson Ball vacuum toy really sucks! #Review and #Giveaway

Got your attention there, didn’t I? Well, while this toy truly does have suction, it most definitely does not suck in THAT sense of the word! While Mommy is still dreaming of owning a Dyson, my son will have the joy of owning one before me! Check out the Kids Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum from One Step Ahead!

Basically, my kid has a Dyson and I don’t. But I’m okay with that, because his Dyson has real suction.

You heard me.

Ok, so it’s not on par with a full size Dyson, of course, but it does work! The little square is the intake, and the tray I’m holding is the refuse bin that you can empty. It will pick up little scraps of paper, or Fruity Pebbles. Because I spill those a lot.

It’s the perfect height for my 1 or 3 year old, and my 5 year old will be able to play with it, too! When it’s on, the little beads whirl around, and it makes a vacuuming sound — but not as loud as the real deal, thankfully! The handle has two little silver sensors that can tell when you’re holding the handle. This is perfect, because once my kid drops the handle, the noise stops. That means I wont walk into a room three hours after playtime to find a whirring toy Dyson :).

Buy it!

You can pick up a toy Dyson from One Step Ahead for $27.97 — on sale! Woo!

Win it!

One lucky Freckleberry Finds reader will win a Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum. Ends 12/20. Open to US.
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