52 Week Money Saving Challenge — Save $1,378 in a year!

Along with the resolution to get to my goal weight, I am resolving to be wise with my money. We are way to frivolous, and there’s things that we can do without. I mentioned on Facebook last night about how we are going to get rid of our expensive DirecTV ($175+/month!!) and just stream movies and shows.

I found this chart, and I think it’s such a cool way to look at saving! What I love the most is that it’s actually do-able, you know? And heck — I could totally go for an extra $1,378! Here’s the chart:

Money ChallengeI hope I’m able to stick to this! And imagine if you find a high-interest savings account to put it in…even more money! Love me some money.

Do you think you could do this plan? What would you do once you finished? Keep saving? Spend it?

*I did not create this chart. If you find out who did, let me know and I’ll credit them! :)


  1. Barb in Ohio says

    I just saw this – I think it is a great idea. I am going to do this in reverse since the end of the year is always a hard month to save and I have my year end bonus in hand (will use some to pay off Christmas bills) – it will be fun to know that every week I can have one more dollar in my pocket!

  2. Tim says

    For even more fun, add a zero to the deposit amount for weeks 1 thru 8, then save $80 per week through week 52. You will have $3,880. Then, buy yourself something as a reward (up to $500) leaving $3,380. I promise, you won’t miss the money!

  3. Sammie says

    So it’s the end of the year so I was wondering did you succeed with the money challenge? I am going make this my resolution for the new year myself for 2014 along with the good ole weight loss resolution!!! Hopefully I will be able to achieve at least one but it would be nice to achieve both!! Only looking to lose 30lbs!! it’s gotta be achievable right????

    • Barb in Ohio says

      I posted on January 9, 2013 about doing it in reverse – Well, I did it! I did have to dip into it a time or two, but it was nice to have that extra when I needed it. I will be doing this again in 2014!


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