And I raaaaan, I ran so far awayyyyyy!

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. I woke up, and as per usual, I weighed myself. I have been stuck at 166.8 for what seems like ages (okay, so it’s really been like a week), and I am sick of it. My food has been mostly good (I went over calories on two days), and I’ve gotten my runs in. So when I weighed myself yesterday and saw 166.8, I was pissed. Legit pissed. I know that it could be any number of things that are keeping my weight at that number, but I am such a number driven person that I need to see results on the scale sometimes. Blarg.

We ended up heading to Home Depot to just waltz around and see what we could find. I was kind of crabby because I was going to run first thing in the morning, but we went to Home Depot instead. I was just a ball of crabbiness. Grouch master in full effect. I’m sure I was a peach to be around. But we wrapped things up at Home Depot after buying a paint roller. On the way home, we passed by some model homes that they’re building in our area, and I wanted to see them. They looked so cute — they’re triplexes! So we got on a roll and looked at about a dozen model homes in our suburb. I love looking at homes! We have been known to move a lot (like, Andrew and I have lived in 11 houses in our 6.5 years of marriage). It’s just how we are, I guess. Always itching for new investments and new spaces!

We came home and napped, and then I got dressed for a run. It was getting dark, and I knew I’d need to make it a short run, so I decided on my shorter route. I had run it in 30:05 last week, and I really wanted to get below 30:00. So today, I told myself that I was going to run it — the whole thing. I knew I could. It’s totally in my head that I can’t do it, and I knew that after my last run, I could physically do it.

I popped in my headphones (is anyone else obsessed with Pandora’s workout station?!) and ran it comfortably. Check out these stats!

549790_443075785761022_989685485_nWhy yes, I did run it in less than 30 minutes, and look at that pace! 12:24 min/mile! I ran the whole thing, solid. I know that it might not be anything amazing for “real” runners, but for me, this is awesome. I’m getting more sure of myself and my abilities. I still feel weird calling myself a runner, though.

I think my last run before the Color Run on Saturday will be sometime late this week. Andrew is going to be slammed this week with work, so I will have to do some begging for him to hang with the kids while he’s got a break. I am so looking forward to our hotel stay on Friday night — is that weird? It’s just in Tempe, it’s not like I get to go to some exotic locale, but I guess for a work at home mom, venturing outside the suburb is exciting, haha!

I did some much needed sprucing up on the blog today — reworked my menu bar, added a sponsorship page for Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix, and finally updated my About page. Go take a look! :).

One more little extra pic for y’all. I took the kids to the park tonight so they could burn some energy, and the sunset was just so pretty. I love Arizona so much — especially since we were at the park in flip flops and shorts in January!

AZ sunset


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    Congratulations!! I run 300 meters and feel as if i am going to die. Two miles is a dream and I am sure that I won’t go fast. Keep running! I’ll keep coming and letting you know how motivating these stories are to me!

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      You are so sweet, Brenda! I still feel like I’m going to die sometimes, but it took a long time to not feel like I was going to die the ENTIRE time! I’ll keep at it if you do ;).

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