Announcing the February Freckleberry Finds Diet Bet! Lose weight and win some cash!

February Freckleberry Diet BetSo have you been reading along with my weight loss and now you’re ready to take charge and kick some fat to the curb? How does winning some money in the process sound? Pretty good, right?

I started a Diet Bet for the month of February. Have you heard of them? Let me give you the run down:

What’s a Diet Bet?

It’s a group of people who all pitch in $5, and those who lose 4% of their body weight by the end of 4 weeks (February 28) get to split the money! For real!

But what about cheaters?

Diet Bet’s got it pretty much down pat — when you sign up to join the Diet Bet, you’ll weigh in and take a photo of yourself on a scale (fully clothed, no worries man), and then a photo of your feet on the scale with a weigh in word that they give you (like banana — kind of a password). The folks over at Diet Bet are the only people who see these pics, and it’s only used to verify your weight so no one can be a sneaky snake. There’s a great explanation on how Diet Bet works right over here.

Sweet, I want in! How do I join?

You can join the February Diet Bet by clicking here. You’ll need to create a Diet Bet account (free and easy, and you can even link your FB). You’ll be prompted to enter your $5 bet, too.

So why are we doing this?

Because there’s strength in numbers. If we are all in it together, we’re more likely to succeed! Also, money is awesome.

There’s only one question left: Are you in?



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