Banana Whip Ice Cream Sandwiches — Under 100 calories!

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t like ice cream sandwiches. After all, isn’t the saying “we ALL scream for ice cream”? Problem is, I screamed for ice cream too much, and I gained weight. I still want to eat ice cream though darn it!

So I beat the system, and created an ice cream sandwich that’s under 100 calories. Booyah!

banana whip COLLAGE 100

What you’ll need:

A banana or two
Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookies (I found them at World Market)

Slice each banana and lay them on a paper plate. Put them in the freezer for 8+ hours. I did mine for about 20 :). Once they’re frozen, scrape them off the plate into a blender. Blend them within an inch of their life, scraping down the sides periodically. Eventually, you’ll see this amazing soft serve texture. Yum! Scoop about 1/4 cup of banana ice cream onto a waffle cookie. Top with another waffle cookie. Each cookie is only 23 calories! Aren’t they pretty?

DSC_0538 edit

You can easily add variations to the ice cream — peanut butter, sugar free chocolate syrup, etc. — to make it different! I had a banana whip ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Yes, seriously.

Want to knock off a few calories? Have it open faced!

DSC_0530 editHere’s the nutritional info for the Banana Whip Ice Cream Sandwich (two cookies):

Nutrition Banana Whip

This recipe will make about 3 or 4 sandwiches, depending on how big your bananas are to begin with :). Love this banana recipe? Check out my 2 ingredient banana pancakes that are 31 calories per minicake!


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    You can also make ice cream sandwiches with chocolate graham crackes and 2 Tbsp. cool whip fat free and its only 2 w/w points i sometime add a dab of peanut butter with the cool whip then freeze here really good


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