Clean Kitchen & a Bum Knee

This morning, we went out for breakfast at our new favorite restaurant, EggsTc (ecstasy…get it? but with eggs?). I had a three egg and cheese omelet. I always hate when I order something, and then the waitress asks “so do you want hashbrowns, potatoes, a pancake or a biscuit with that?” I never realize when food will come with a zillion different sides. I kind of just wanted the omelet, to be honest, ha! I ordered it with potatoes and whole wheat toast. I gave Maisy and Emma my potatoes, and ate one slice of toast — it was served with two! It’s so funny to now look at food with a new set of eyes. Each bite needs to be valued, and not eaten just because it’s there. Mindless eating is what got me into this mess in the first place, I don’t want to slip back into it!

The great purge of 2013

Purging is almost a scary word when you read it on a weight loss blog, but this is the good kind, I promise! We got home from breakfast (and a quick jaunt around Target to see if there was anything we couldn’t live without — there wasn’t), and I decided I was going to clean. For those who know me, you know that I am not a necessarily tidy person. Things that bother Andrew (like dishes in the sink) just don’t bug me! So when I set out to clean the kitchen and living room, he pounced on the opportunity and got on board.

You know how most families have a junk drawer where odds and ends go? Well we have like, seven. Honestly, why do I hang on to some of this stuff? ¬†We got rid of a bunch of junk and organized the kitchen counters a bit better. We had papers galore! It’s astounding how much junk mail we hadn’t thrown away. Adios, crapola!

It was around lunch time when we wrapped up, and I fed the kids cereal (mom of the year, again), and I just ate a couple of cups of popcorn. I wasn’t too hungry after my big-ish breakfast, so it satisfied me then. Now it’s 4:30 and I’m starving, so lesson learned! I was a little crabby for who knows what reason, so I put all the kids down for a nap, and Andrew and I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey. We are so flippin’ obsessed with that show! I joked that I should start having the kids address me as Her Ladyship. It’ll totally go over well, don’t you think? Here’s a shot of Maisy Mouse, passed out in my bed:

maisy napping

I don’t know what we’ll do for dinner quite yet. My sister in law made a really great Creamy Tomato Tortellini soup for Christmas that I’m wanting to recreate, but I hadn’t had a day where I’d saved enough calories for it, haha! It calls for heavy cream. Anyone have any ideas on how to lighten it up without losing the creaminess? I’ll post the recipe and pictures once I eventually make it, promise!

Today’s fitness

I think I will do some Zumba on the Wii tonight. I feel like I strained my left knee during my run yesterday, and it’s been giving me pain when I bend it. The last thing I want to do is blow out a knee, so I’ll take it easy. Going up and down the stairs has been just delightful :(. I’ll ice it a bit tonight. I got a lotion-y gel type cream that will “revitalize tired legs” for review, so (un)luckily, I have an injured leg to try it out on! I’m hoping to get it back in shape. It felt so good to get out there yesterday, even after all of my whining and procrastinating.

I’m off to head to the grocery store. I’ve got to re-stock my fridge with all of my grilled sandwich goodies. Yep, still hooked on those ;).


  1. says

    For the soup you could try yogurt.

    As for your knee, you should try out a foam roller. A lot of knee injuries are a result of your IT band which goes down the side of your leg from your hip to below the knee. The foam roller can be a life saver to help stretch it out. It hurts like heck the first few times, but it definitely makes a difference! I swear by it now.

  2. says

    If you figure out the soup do share because that sounds awesome. I also hate ordering sides, what if I don’t want them and the looks you get when you say that. Hope your knees feel better soon.

  3. Brittany Franklin says

    3/4 cup milk + 1/3 cup butter (obviously you could probably get away with a healthy butter of some sort)

  4. Chelsea O. says

    Foam rollers are awesome, for sure! Also, are you doing a ton of stretching afterwards? I got a crap ton of issues when I would neglect to stretch and everything would tighten up too much. I can show you a bunch of ones my PT gave me if you’d like! :)

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