Emma’s Holiday Break with Butterscotch

Regular readers, let me give you a heads up. Emma’s kindergarten classroom has a class pet named Butterscotch. He’s a pal, I tell ya. Butterscotch has made the rounds at school, and each kid will have a turn taking him home for a week or so. Once their week is done, they make a page that will go into a binder detailing their time with Butterscotch.


Isn’t that the cutest idea?!

Being the nerdburger that I am, I had to do things a little bit differently. So, this is Emma’s sheet in the Butterscotch binder:

photo (97)Yep. That’s a QR code I made that points to this blog post. So each time a kid takes home Butterscotch, they can come here and see all of our pictures!

Pretty awesome, right?

So without further ado…

When Butterscotch first came home, we went to the airport to pick up my Meme! She was visiting us all the way from Texas! Here we are reading through the Butterscotch binder:


We read stories…

…and got a little silly!

Memes Head

Our trip to the park was shockingly fun…

Butterscotch Park

and we had a great time!


We went on drives to see Christmas lights…

Christmas Lights

…and we snuggled on Christmas morning!

photo (99)

Butterscotch was with me when I lost my very first tooth, too!

photo (100)

On our last day of Winter break, we went for a bike ride. Butterscotch loved riding with me!

photo (98)

We are so happy to have spent time with the class pet! I can’t wait to hear about the other adventures he has!

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