Freckleberry Finds Does The #ColorRun — Soggy Style!

I had so much fun this weekend! I’m just going to start typing and go all chronological on you guys so I don’t forget anything!

We headed to our hotel yesterday after meeting up with my Sister-in-Law for Greek food. I had the BEST portobello mushroom pita with pesto and diced cucumber. It was so delicious! I need to figure out how to make it, because I need it in my life, all day every day. The kids were quite out of their element this whole trip, and it was pretty much nothing short of chaotic, but they had a good time. The second we got to the hotel room, they started touching EVERYTHING, and it drove us crazy the whole time.

After a jaunt around IKEA to kill time, we grabbed some In-N-Out burger for dinner (droooool). I knew I’d either use a few of my weekly points for it, or just call it even because I’d be walking so much over these two days. It was so good (of course), and I ate 1/2 my tray of fries to not go too junk food crazy.

We got back to our room, bathed our kids, and started trying to get them to fall asleep. OMG. It literally took two hours from start to sleep! Emma and Micah were sharing a queen sized bed, but all we could hear was a constant barrage of “he’s touching me! Mom! She’s taking my pillow!” for what seemed like forever.

Race day!

I woke up to this on the radar:

IMG_1628So I think it’s going to rain a little, huh? We turned on the news, and there was a live shot of a reporter down at the start line, and an event worker was tossing color everywhere, saying it was still on, rain or shine! I wasn’t backing out, and I was glad to see that they weren’t either! So I got ready in my race-required white shirt that I snagged at Walmart for like $6 right before we left, haha!

IMG_1621 editThat shirt is totally a size medium 8/10, by the way ;). Heck yeah, dudes! It was only like 7:20, and my start time wasn’t until 8:45. I looked up the other start times online, and there was an 8:10 start that I decided I’d sneak into. The kids were being ridiculous, and the rain was only going to get stronger and flood the course more and more. Arizona doesn’t have much by way of storm drains, so I knew it would get flooded, fast.

We headed out, and parked in a lot about half a mile from the start line. Andrew decided to just hang out in the van with the kids and pop in Brave while I ran. I found a stray piece of plastic and joked that I was going to run with a bonnet to shield myself from the rain, ha!

I made it to the start line at about 7:50. Turns out there wasn’t really a science to the start times. They’d just wait for a group to gather at the start line, and once the group ahead of them was out of sight, they’d let that group go. I saw these girls ahead of me at the start line and had to take a picture.

IMG_1624 editTheir shirts all say “Run like Luke Bryan/Channing Tatum/Ryan Gosling is at the finish line!” Sorry that some of these are awful quality. I had my phone in a ziplock baggie so that it would stay dry. At the start line, I set my MapMyRun to record my run because the race wasn’t timed. I got about halfway through and looked at my phone, and it has somehow quit tracking! So I have no earthly idea how fast I ran :-/. Bummer, huh?

The run was going really well, and I only had one major annoyance: People who were walking kept walking in LINES of like 6 people across, blocking the whole running path! I kept having to dodge their umbrella spokes so I wouldn’t get stabbed in the eye as I ran past. It was really cute seeing little kids running, though. There was a kiddo about 4 years old running, and he shouted, “MOM! THERE’S BLUE, LET’S GO!” and he high tailed it to the next color station. Overall, the 5k felt good! It was obviously cold and wet, but I think it made it a little bit more fun, to be honest. My feet were dry up until about the last mile, so no major complaints there.

And now the final before and after Color Run pictures!

The Color Run collageI think most of the color had washed off, and blue was the last color zone, so I was especially smurfy! I had such a great time. I will definitely do it again, but I’d prefer it if the rain would hold off next time ;). I wish I knew how fast I went! I have no idea whatsoever — I didn’t even look at a clock when I started or finished! Oh well, it was fun and good to run for fun, right? I do know that I burned 457 calories before 9 AM! Go me!

Now, on to the next race. 10k anyone?


  1. Jen says

    Good for you! I’m going to do the Color Run 5k here in Chicago, and it will be my first 5k; I can’t wait. Your progress is very inspiring!

  2. Amanda says

    You look so cute!!! I’m glad the rain didn’t ruin your run. Quick question….what kind of shoes are you wearing?

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