Getting amped for The Color Run!

I’m so happy that the frigid cold temperatures are on their way out of the Phoenix metro. I saw this picture of a Phoenix resident’s pool a few days ago…

Phoenix Guitar on PoolYes, that’s some guy’s guitar ON TOP OF HIS POOL. So yeah, it was a little chilly here! It makes me feel a little validated for whining about how cold it was on my runs, haha. Thankfully, we’re back up into the 70s this week, and hopefully it stays that way because …

I’m running in The Color Run!

color run

Next Saturday, January 26, I’m running The Color Run 5K! I doubt that I will be setting any personal best records or anything, because I’ll be going pretty slow through the colorful parts to get nice and rainbow-fied. Since the race is about an hour away in Tempe, Andrew suggested that we just book a hotel so that we don’t have to battle race traffic after an hour long drive. I’m super excited! The kids will have a ball swimming the night before, and I can probably just walk to the start line and forego all of the parking hassles.

This has me looking at what my next race should be. I know that I’m comfortable with the 5k distance, so maybe I should up it to a 10k for next time. I do know that there’s a Retro Run 4 mile race that’s in February, so maybe I’ll do that one for fun! We’ll see :).

Also, I keep meaning to get photos taken so I can get some new professional looking pictures up on my about page and as a profile picture for my Facebook page. I really need to get that done, but I don’t know when I would schedule them — or what I would wear! I need smaller jeans, so I would have to do that before a photoshoot. Plus, it feels weird calling up a photog and being like, “Can you please take about 100 pictures of me — only me — so I can post them on the internet?”

The kids are wrapping up lunch, so we’re going on a short walk, then hitting up a local park. I’ve got that Tomato Tortellini Soup recipe coming either today or tomorrow! Get excited!


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    The color run looks fun! I signed up for a 5k in June and I think I may be ready for that. Right now, in my running program, I am up to half a mile. (Amazing progress for me!) When I get skinny, I am getting some photos taken too!

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