Nutrisystem Giveaway! Win a 7-day supply to kick start your weight loss! #NSNation


You guys have seen my successful weight loss with the help of Nutrisystem, and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement along the way. I still have trouble putting into words how happy I am to have had a second chance at a healthy life thanks to Nutrisystem. I spent 25 weeks on the program, and I lost 38.2 pounds! Read all of my weekly Nutrisystem posts here.

Week 25 Before After Nutrisystem

I catch myself looking at that picture a few times a day. It’s like I’m reading someone else’s story, or seeing someone else’s before and after shots. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I did it! I’m blown away by how much Nutrisystem helped me, and I want to share the love!

7 Day Supply Collage

Curious to see for yourself how Nutrisystem works? I want to see you be successful, too! So I’m hosting a giveaway where you can win a 7 DAY SUPPLY of Nutrisystem! Here’s a look at exactly what you’ll receive:

7 day trial There are so many of my favorites in that list! Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken, Rotini with Meatballs, Blueberry Muffin, Granola Cereal…I could go on! I want you to feel the same sense of success that I have. So get in it to win it!
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As always, you can check out all of my weight loss related posts here.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting Nutrisystem online.

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  1. I want to lose weight to get healthy so I can have another baby

  2. I want to get back into my skinny clothes so that I can start dating and building a future after losing my husband unexpectedly three years ago. It’s time to move on and live again.

  3. I don’t have any right now… :/ I just know I need to lose weight and want to lose weight….

  4. Jessica Eichhorn says:

    I’d love to lose weight and get healthy!!!! For myself, my husband and my kids!

  5. I want to get close to my pre-pregnancy clothes – 20 lbs. . .

  6. Chele Salliby says:

    My doctor says I need to lose 100 lbs! I have diabetes and high blood pressure plus high cholesterol. I NEED help to get this weight off!

  7. This would be something great to try while I’m watching my portions and food intake (to finish losing baby weight). Only 16lbs left!

  8. It is time to do something for myself after losing 5 loved ones this past year.

  9. I want to lose 100 pounds for several reason…to start a family, to be healthy for my family, and to feel good about myself, and to be as good looking fir my herself as possible ;)

  10. shanta spradlin says:

    I really need to lose about 60lbs

  11. I want to lose weight to help my self-esteem and get healthier.

  12. Jessica Estes says:

    My weight loss goal is to go from 206 down to about 130. I’m not set on that numbers though, I would be happy even wearing a size 10. I want to get down to where I can feel happy and comfortable with my body. I want to be able to wear whatever I want without feeling uncomfortable or worrying if people will look at me and ridicule. I want to learn to eat healthier and make healthier choices and stick with them, not just for me, but for my children also. I never want to see them struggle with weight the way that I have my whole life. I would love to win the Nutrisystem, and set all of this in motion! Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. amomhavingfun says:

    I weight more now than ever! I did not eve weight this much when I was pg with twins. :( My goal was to start exercising regularly again, but my hubby broke his elbow and has needed a lot of help. So, in the meantime I joined MyFitnessPal to at least start tracking my calorie intake. Then I hope to get back to the gym at least 3 – 4 times a week. I need to lose at least 20 pounds.

  14. Wow, you look amazing and the blonde suits you so much better!

    Great job.

  15. I want to be healthy for my kids

  16. I really need to lose about 40 LBS. I have lost 10 already but have not been able to break past that.

  17. Thanks for the giveaway! @nomablack

  18. I would like to lose 50 pounds, ideally. My office is starting a wellness challenge this week (running through April) so I hope to get a good start!

  19. I lost 30lbs last year and want to lose the last 30 this year although I’m struggling.

  20. I don’t have too much more weight that I want to lose, but I need to work on eating healthier and learning portion control and I think Nutrisystem would help me do that!

  21. i want to lose 30 lbs by my b-day in july
    tcogbill at live dot com

  22. I just had my 4th and final child! Looking to lose all the baby weight!

  23. Still trying to work off the last of my babyweight and it has been ridiculously hard… time to try somrthng new!

  24. Joyce Raymond says:

    I take a medication that puts weight on no matter what I do, but I know that I could do things to help myself. I need to lose at least 50lb. and I’m aware how hard it will be. I look at these celebrities who drop weight like nothing, and I tell my friends that I would too if I had a chef. Nutrisystem could be my chef! Thanks

  25. This year my weight loss goal is to loss 25% of my body weight and maybe get off some meds.

  26. i would love to get back to where I was about 8 yrs ago, after 4 kids, I was less than at 16… not there anymore due to injuries

  27. I’m trying to lose 50 pounds this year. Do-able? yes!!!

  28. I could stand to lose a bit !!

  29. Dawn Sterner says:

    I need to lose 15 – 20 pounds.

  30. need to loose around 10 pounds
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  31. I don’t have a twitter account, is there anyway to unlock the other entries?

  32. I really would like to lose about 40 lbs. I have lost 10 lbs just not eating as much or as unhealthy, but to lose another 40 it is going to take some work and some planning. I love the idea of the food being all done for me!

  33. My doctor wants me to lose enough to get my blood pressure down 10 points and my chloresterol down 9 points. So I’ve been dieting since 1/1/13.

    Linda Henderson

  34. I had a very difficult pregnancy, I need to lose weight to be happy and healthy again!

  35. Crystal W says:

    2 dress sizes for me! Need to do it before vacation this year too !

  36. i would love to lose 20lbs

  37. I want to lose at least 15lbs this year. I need to boost my self confidence and to feel light to at least go with my kid’s activities. He’s a boy and I know his activities are physical so I need to be more fit.

  38. carly dunavant says:

    I need to lose about 100 lbs, i have started by cutting back on sweets and sodas and so far it is working well

  39. I want to lose about 20 lbs….

  40. My weight loss goal would be to loose about 40 pounds. It would make me feel better also not so much pressure on my knees.

  41. I need to get on the ball with food control and exercise! I have to start eating smaller portions and no soda!

  42. I have been struggling with weight my entire life, now at 33 years old I am approx. 320lbs and need to lose half of me. It’s a little daunting but I will do it.

  43. Ttrockwood says:

    My goal is to reach is healthy weight in a reasonable and sustainable way

  44. always trying to loose that last 10 pounds.

  45. I want/need to lose the weight so I can enjoy more time with my daughter.

  46. Samantha Daleo says:

    I want to get back to 125…20 very stubborn pounds to go!

  47. Jen Haile says:

    I’ve been losing weight for a year and i’m starting to plateau. I’d love to keep losing the rest of this weight!

  48. I set small goals for myself. So far I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’ve got 50 lbs to go!

  49. Leslie Rigsby says:

    I want to do what you did. You look great!

  50. Susan McCourt says:

    After breaking my ankle and having surgery and cast all summer then turning 50 – I packed on some additional pounds. I need some help with weight loss.

  51. Yvonne Woodstock says:

    I feel literally desparate to win this giveaway because if I could try 1 week of Nutrisystem and it actually helped me lose weight I would have the answer to my prayers. I am beyond frustrated to tears, I have to lose 80 lbs to reach my healthy bmi weight. I had been naturally thin even underweight all my life even after 3 babies without even trying until I had my 4th child at 27 and then it was like something in me broke and I have struggled to sobbing tears up and down ever since. It seems like I have tried almost everything (I have not tried nutrisystem yet but if I won this and it worked for me you can be sure I’d be buying it to help me reach my goals.) (I have had tests done at dr but tests come back normal to my utter shock bc It doesnt make sense why I try so hard now and the weight doesnt come off.). Despite all that I will never ever give up trying bc it’s too important to me.
    Your before and after photos almost bring tears to my eyes bc It almost gives me hope.

  52. michelle warner says:

    im about 185, so i need to lose about 30 or more would be nice

  53. I’ve started to lose weight before the holidays. But now I’m at a standstill. Really need to get back in track!

  54. I would like to lose 30 pounds. I am going to be 35 in May and it would be nice if I could prove something to myself…instead of succeeding and failing again like I have the past 10 years. Thanks for the motivation.

  55. I would like to be able to fit into clothes that don’t have an “X” in them. :)

  56. Holly Deuel says:

    I want to lose about 80-100 pounds. A few days ago I started using the MyFitnessPal app and really like it. It helps me be more accountable for what I put in my mouth, even though I do have slip ups. So far no major slip ups! It is hard to stay within my daily calorie range, but I have been working hard at it and would love to try nutrisystem to see if the food/program is something I could stick with.

  57. to get down to what my doctor advises

  58. Ruth Anderson says:

    I need to lose a few pounds ,and eat healthier as I live alone I do not cook as much as I should .

  59. I’d like to lose 25 lbs.

  60. So many deserving guys and gals! Good luck everyone!!!

  61. Tiffany M says:

    I lost all my baby weight gain in 2011. In January of 2012 I started becoming tired and sick all the time. Which I later found out was chronic fatigue syndrome and a sudden onset of lactose intolerance. So this year my gdrop all the weight I gained from this past year and hopefully help my energy come back.

  62. julie murphy says:

    I need to lose the weight I gained after breaking my heel.

  63. I would love to lose about 20 lbs and be back to pre-college weight now that I am a postgrad.

  64. kfloveinme says:

    I’m working hard to lose 15lbs for my wedding. I think I can do it!

  65. chrissy c says:

    To re-lose everything I lost and gained back :(

  66. Ideally, for my frame, I need to lose around 45 lbs. Thanks for the great giveaway; maybe this will be my start!

  67. I’ve lost 50+ lbs in last year and a half, I’ve got another 25 to go.

  68. yarnaddicted says:

    I want to lose weight so I can be healthier, thanks!
    Kim Reid
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  69. Hoping to lose 7 lbs for a weight challenge at work, and 10 for myself!

  70. I lost 60 pounds last year, would like to lose 60 this year too, but not off to a great start

  71. Jill Myrick says:

    My goals for this year are to lose 40 pounds, tighten and tone.


  72. cindy perkins says:

    I really want to lose weight because I just want to get healthy!

  73. I need to loose 100 lbs to be eligible for a kidney transplant.

  74. natasha brodsky says:

    I would like to lose 40 pounds which is the weight I put on with my last pregnancy and my prednisone use. :D

  75. I’d like to lose safely at 4 pounds a month.

  76. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Ugghh I have 15 pounds left to lose. Congrats on the great job you’ve done!

  77. To eat less and exercise

  78. Susan Smith says:

    I’d love to loose 25 pounds

  79. Mya Murphy says:

    I need to lose even more weight after gAStric bypass. Anything helps!

  80. i want to lose the final 15 pounds, i lost 100 pounds last year!!!

  81. I’d like to lose weight this year and have made it a point to walk more, wear a pedometer, joined a group with trainers for walking a half marathon in May. Being more conscious of the food that I eat is helping along with eating healthy and taking vitamins. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter so can’t unlock any entries.

  82. Vikki Billings says:

    I need to lose 200lbs, my first short term goal is to lose 25lbs in 4 months.