Nutrisystem Week 25: What a difference 25 weeks makes! Progress Photo Update! #NSNation #spon

nutrisystem-logo I usually talk about a specific Nutrisystem food that I’m currently digging, but I wanted to highlight an oft overlooked part of the Nutrisystem plan — the foods that you add in yourself.

2663DMISet2 178 Each day, you’ve got to make the right choices when it comes to your meals. Nutrisystem makes it easy in that they’ve got great food that’s easy to prepare, but to make your nutrition complete, you add in Power Fuels (egg, cheese, meat, yogurt — proteins) and Smart Carbs (fruits, whole wheat bread, crackers — carbs that are, well, smart!). Additionally, you eat 4 cups of veggies a day! It really helped that I could adjust my power fuels and smart carbs to fit my cravings. Need a sweet fix? Have an apple. Craving crunchy, salty things? Crackers! Eaten everything for the day,but need to nosh? Carrots. It’s a flexible plan that you can make fit your life, and it works.

My Nutrisystem Transformation

I still can’t believe that just under 6 months ago, I was in a place of desperation and hopelessness. I can’t describe it any other way. I would truly lay awake in bed and wonder how I let it get this bad, and convince myself that tomorrow would be the day — but the vicious cycle would just repeat.

Before Collage

I had three kids, all 2 years apart. I had either been pregnant or breastfeeding since 2006. SIX years of renting my body out to my kids. I don’t regret it — I like my little kidlets ;), but anyone who tries to tell you that they aren’t at least a little bothered by how their body has changed after having kids is a fibber.

All of those years brought me here. To this. I had been heavier than this, too! My highest recorded weight was 219.5 pounds. The day I started Nutrisystem, this is what I looked like:


I took that picture and was just so sad that this is where I was. Want to know the truth? I was wearing yoga pants because my jeans were uncomfortably tight. I wore yoga pants pretty much daily because of it.

I can’t describe how I felt when our first Nutrisystem shipment was delivered. I felt like a life vest had been thrown to me, and I didn’t have to drown any more.

first order I knew that if I stuck to it, I could do it. Nutrisystem gave me the tools I needed to be successful, and I was ready. I had had enough. I was ready for the weight to come off.

And come off it did.

6 week progress

In six weeks, I not only fit back into my jeans that I couldn’t wear at week one, I had to buy NEW, smaller jeans!

Husker Before and During Collage Then I lost even more. I think it was somewhere around here that I bought ANOTHER new pair of jeans — size 16!

Best Collage EVAR And then it seemed like I had MADE IT. This photo really jolted me into the realization that I was really, truly doing it. Those sideways shots speak louder than words.

31.4 Pound Loss I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was morphing and shrinking before my eyes. It wasn’t without hard work — I took up running, and stuck to my plan.

The Grand Reveal

I took these pictures this morning, and I just feel so many different emotions. Shock, pride, disbelief, and motivation to keep going. This, my friends, is what I look like after losing 38.2 pounds on Nutrisystem!

Week 25 Before After Nutrisystem

I can’t express how thankful I am for Nutrisystem. It taught me to appreciate food instead of abuse it. I learned about portion sizing, healthy choices, and how important it is to be in control when it comes to food. I still have a ways to go (my long term goal weight is 145), but I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of Nutrisystem.

I would have never been able to run 3.2 miles at a time …


and I am forever grateful that my husband joined in on the fun, and lost over 33 pounds on Nutrisystem!

Before After Couple We are ready and determined to lose even more in the new year, and I can’t wait to tell you guys about how Nutrisystem will prepare us for phasing off of the program with their at home kit! That post will be coming soon!

The Weigh In

This week, I lost .6 pounds, weighing in at 169.2 pounds. That means I lost a total of 38.2 pounds in 25 weeks on Nutrisystem! Andrew weighed in with a .4 pound loss for the week, meaning he lost 33.4 pounds in 25 weeks!

This isn’t my last Nutrisystem post ever, though! Soon, I’ll tell you about the at home kit that will help us transition off the program, and THEN — I will host a Nutrisystem GIVEAWAY for a 7 day trial! Seven days worth of food! Stay tuned!

As always, you can check out all of my weight loss related posts here.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting Nutrisystem online.


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