Setting New Goals & Buying New Underwear

Now that I am in the transition period and coming off of Nutrisystem, I want to set new goals for myself. It’s up to me to keep the ball rolling on my weight loss. So let’s draw a line in the sand, regroup, and decide how far we’re going and how we’re going to get there. Time to set it in stone, no? I want to break it down into three different goal categories: Weight, fitness and food.


So when I was a junior in high school (9 years ago OMG), I weighed something around 140-145. I would absolutely love to be there again. My official long term goal is 145. If I hit it and pass it, then that’ll be amazing.


I need to get my act together with working out again. I run when I can, and it’s usually only twice per week or so. The hurdle is getting someone to hang with the kids for 30-45 minutes. I have no excuse when it comes to working out in the house, though. I should probably start waking up early, getting Jillian Michaels in, or doing some Just Dance or Zumba on the Wii. I’ve skated by so far on doing hard workouts twice a week (running, biking, etc.) but I want to be toned, too!


I am a picky eater. I could probably happily order from the children’s menu at any restaurant I go to — it’s just the kind of food I like. Mac ‘n Cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. I like other stuff too, but I just have a really immature palate. It works for me, yeah, but I want to try one new food a week. For example, I have never in my life eaten eggplant.¬†Will it really kill me to try some eggplant parmesan or something?

Hikin’ Up M’Drawers

So I posted on Facebook earlier today about how I knew I needed to go for a run, but I was feeling kind of meh about it. I knew I was just being a pansy, so I suited up in my warm running gear (it’s an oh-so-frigid 50F today in Arizona – we’re not built for the cold, go easy on us), and I buckled Maisy into the jogger and we headed out.

I did my warm up walk, and started to run once I was done. I got maybe 50 feet and then I had to stop. My underwear were slipping off my butt and making my running pants slide down, too! Every step made them inch down down down down until I had to hike them back up. Of course, this all happened while I was running on a very busy street, so half of my suburb could see me digging into my britches to grab my too-big undies and hoist them back up. So that’s something you don’t really think about when you lose close to 40 pounds. Of course you will need new tops and jeans, but uh, your undies need to be replaced, too!

I’m glad I went out on the run even though I was feeling wishy washy. I’ve never regretted a run, so I need to just buck up and do it whenever I get the chance to break away. Andrew, Emma, and Micah were sleeping upstairs when we left, but I figured someone would wake up while Maisy and I were out, so I pulled up the Just For Kids Netflix menu and turned on Mario Kart on the Wii in case they came down stairs. Mom of the year over here! Here’s my stats for the run. I cut it short, mostly because I was freezing and sick of digging in my pants.

12Jan13Looks like MapMyRun is changing their layout. Just when I find where everything is, things change! Story of my life it seems. Now off to find something for dinner. Want to see what I eat every day? You can follow me on MyFitnessPal! Feel free to friend me as well :). 


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    Running is something that i am starting, but am finding it difficult. i would definitely love to get to 140 again! Isn’t it nice to not fit into your bigger clothes anymore?! I love your weight loss segment.

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    I hear you, my goal is 130 lb (I’m 146 lb now) and I do have wardrobe dysfunctions as well when I run. I went though lots of running shoes before I could find one I can stick with for example! But hang in there and keep it up!!

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