Weigh in Wednesday Week 26: I am on FIRE, and I’m OVER THE HILL!

Wow! This week seemed to go by really quickly. It feels like I just wrote my last Nutrisystem weigh in post yesterday. This was a great week. I feel like I’m in control of my eating, and I have had great success with tracking my food on MyFitnessPal (friend me!). I am not perfect by any means, but I am honest! If I bite it, I write it.

I’ve got a plan, man.

I started out the week by setting new goals for food, fitness, and weight. I feel good about those goals, and I know that I can reach them if I stay on track. With no major holidays in sight (except for Valentine’s Day, which shouldn’t be too big of a deal), I don’t see any major hurdles that I’ll have to jump over in the foreseeable future, but we all know that they can pop up any time, right?

I’m still waiting for my Nutrisystem at home kit to arrive in the mail, so once that shows up, I’ll let you guys know what I think about it! I went to Walmart this morning to pick up trash bags, and lookie loo at what I saw:

NS WalmartHow cool is that?! Each box has five days worth of Nutrisystem. I thought that was so neat! So if you’re wanting to give Nutrisystem a try, you can snag  5 days worth of food. Pretty cool! OR you could always enter my giveaway for 7 days worth of Nutrisystem. Y’know, whichever ;).

A new direction for Freckleberry Finds.

I kind of feel weird posting this in a weigh in, but it’s relevant, I promise. I’ve gotten so much feedback from my posts about my weight loss and mission to get healthier — more feedback than any other genre of posts (except for when I gave away huge stuff like car seats, lol). Because of this, I am going to make a shift. I will still do reviews and giveaways, but I am going to be more selective about what I choose to post about. I am ready for this blog to become my story. I know that I rely heavily on the accounts of others who have lost weight before me, and I want to pay it forward, if you will, and do the same. I have readers comment all the time about how I am an inspiration, and it feels so strange (but good!) to me to be called that. I love that you guys are motivated by my story, and I want to help you tackle your weight loss goals. So I will still be doing the review and giveaway thing, but I’m going to just be a little pickier with what I do — it’ll help me time manage a little bit better, too! After the Holiday Gift Guide (THIRTY. FIVE. POSTS. OMG.), I am kind of wiped out.

What do you guys think? Are you happy about my new plan for Freckleberry? I want to hear from you! 

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 166.8 pounds, which is a 2.4 pound loss for the week! That brings my overall total to 40.6 pounds! I finally hit the flippin’ forty! Over the hill, baby ;).

As always, you can read all of my weight loss posts here.


  1. Kim Reber says

    I wanted to let you know that I just started reading your blog and I love it!! You have done such an amazing job with your weight loss and you look awesome!! Way to go girl! You give me motivation and I really appreciate it. Cheers to 2013….it’s going to be a great year!

  2. says

    It will be good to follow along on your journey. I think the people that need to lose weight love motivation and inspiration and we go where we can get it. Most of us know the struggles that go along with losing the weight.

  3. Jesska says

    I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say just the 30 minutes I’ve been on your page I totally love your dedication to weight loss it is so inspirational. Since I have became a stay at home mom (2 years ago) I have gained 50lbs. yikes! right? well I lost 27 of it doing a well known phen phen diet and needless to say I grew very ill.. and all the weight came right back! again, yikes! I am now looking into the nutria system diet and of course hitting the gym EXTRA hard!!! I plan on following you on your journey and trying to stay motivated!! thank you so much for this motivational blog!!!! May this new journey begin???

  4. Kris says

    Look near the pharmacy section of Walmart!!!!! That’s where I found mine and I nearly missed it.. Walked right passed it! If all else fails, ASK an employee! Don’t miss this opportunity: Nutrisystem at Walmart!!;D

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