Weigh In Wednesday Week 27: Measurements, BMI, and Percentages, OH MY!

weight loss numbers and figuresPart of what keeps me motivated is not only seeing my progress physically, but seeing numbers go down, too! It’s incredible the change you can see in just 6 months or so!


So starting with the obvious change — your weight will go down when you lose weight ;). My starting weight (but not highest weight) was 207.4. My weight as of this morning is 166.4! So that’s a total loss of 41 pounds!


This part always blows my mind. It’s like, where do these inches¬†go?! Weight loss is a cool thing, man. So I measured myself at the beginning of my weight loss, at week 9, and today. Here are my measurements!

week27measurementsTWENTY. NINE. INCHES. 9.5″ of ¬†those inches are my hips! Holy hip decrease, batman! And boobs. Gone are the boobs :(. But now v-necks don’t make it look like I’m working the streets! So that’s a plus ;). If you’re wondering what 29 inches looks like, I took the liberty of taking a ridiculous photo to show you:

inches lost sillySee? It’s shocking ;).

Body Mass Index

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. It determines if you are obese, overweight, normal, or underweight.

When I began in July, my BMI was in the obese category. Not just by a little, but comfortably lounging around lazily :-/. My starting BMI is the top push pin:


Now, my current BMI is represented by the bottom pushpin! I’m now in the overweight category. That doesn’t sound so glamorous, but look at how many points I’ve dropped!

  • Starting BMI: 35.6
  • Current BMI: 28.6
  • Goal BMI: 25

Clothing Sizes

This is the part of weight loss that is taking the longest to get used to! In July, I was wearing a size 22 jean. Oy. Now, I am wearing a pair of way too big size 16s. I know I need a new pair, but I hate buying clothes knowing that I’ll just need even smaller ones in a few months! I need to hit up a resale shop or eBay or something :). I’m still having the “but I can’t REALLY fit into that” issue. I have been window shopping online, and looking at sizes based on my measurements, but it doesn’t feel like I can really wear size 14 bottoms and size M-L tops!

Walking and Running

When I began in July, I was always so proud of my walks — even though they were only like a mile long! I’m glad I did them, and I’m not knocking anyone who walks a mile, but it cracks me up to think now that it took me this long to do a mile!

Nearly 27 minutes to do one mile! Now, I run a mile in under 12:30. It’s still nothing major to some pro runners, but when you look at where I started, it’s a big difference!

549790_443075785761022_989685485_nSo even though this week wasn’t an OMG EARTH SHATTERING WEIGHT LOSS week (I lost .4 pounds), it’s important to remember where you started, and don’t forget how far you’ve come. Success is measured in many different ways. Don’t get discouraged if your scale isn’t moving fast enough!


  1. Alycia says

    Such a inspiration! I need to take my measurements again. I started weight watchers in June of 2010 and have lost 56.8 lbs. It was 68 lbs but thats what the holidays will do to you. I cant wait to be a my healthy BMI and I know you feel the same way. Just know that today you inspired me and I cant weight to take my measurements later. I was 236 when i started im currently 179.4. Ready to keep going!

  2. says

    I’m at the point right now where the scale is standing still! It is driving me nuts, but you made a good point. I am sure in July you would never have been able to run 2 miles or think of wearing a size 14! Congratulations on making it so far!!

  3. Heather says

    Good for you, what an accomplishment! Just re joined weight watchers myself again and had a 4.2 lb weight loss the first week. It feels so good to be doing something, right? I haven’t done any measuring though, guess I better bit the bullet and check it all out.

  4. says

    I just started following you because of a Pinterest find about your 52 week money challenge. I’m so totally impressed with your weight progress. I’m at 204 and I would like to lose 50 pounds this year. I really want to start running but am just walking 2-4 mile jaunts several times a week. I can’t wait to read more about your journey! Good work!

  5. says

    Very inspirational! I am working on a post-baby weight loss and it hasn’t been going well.. But I’m glad I found this post! I’m going to have to start following along. :)

  6. Wombasse says

    Fantastic – maybe all caculators could be made with the metric system too?? I’m from Denmark and I don’t really know the american scales. I’ve managed now with help from Google to convert and I can’t wait to get started

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