Well I’ll be.

Today has been a gloomy, rainy day here in the valley. Micah and I took Bronto out for a walk right after we took Emma to school, because it looked like rain. Had to get a walk in early! It’s basically impossible to get a totally non-blurry photo of Bronto, and doubly impossible to have one of the kids be in the photo, too, so this is a rare gem:

IMG_1607 editBronto has more energy than I’d ever imagined possible, so I’m trying to do better with walking him more. I was in a really good habit of taking him each morning, but then it got super cold and neither he nor I wanted to be outside, ha!

Soggy Color Run?

This Saturday is The Color Run Tempe, and I’m getting really excited! Tomorrow we’ll head to Tempe after picking up Emma from school, and we’ll have lunch with my sister-in-law at a Greek place she recommended. She’s so much more brave when it comes to food. I think the very first time I ever ate Greek food, I was with her! Anyway! That night, we’ll stay in a hotel that’s within walking distance to the start line so I can just head over before my race. But there’s two bummers:

It’s probably going to be raining, and I mistook the hotel’s pool as indoor when it’s a seasonal outdoor pool :(. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to swimming with the kids! We lived in a different subdivision this summer that had four beautiful pools, and we were there daily. Even when I was super busy, it was so much fun to do a quick hour long jaunt to the pool. Our new subdivision doesn’t have a community pool, but we’ll probably put one up for the summer. But man, I wanted so badly to chuck my kids into a pool!

So the rain. I’m sure it’s not going to be a big deal, but hopefully the race goes off without a hitch! I’ve never run in the rain, and knowing my¬†klutzy¬†self, I’ll probably break my neck. Let’s hope not, though!

Eating all of my calories/points/whatever.

Everyday, I log my food into MyFitnessPal (you can friend me, by the way), and pretty much every day I come up under my calorie goal. Sometimes it’s by 20 or 30 calories, and sometimes it’s by 100+. And eeeeevery time, it tells me in red letters YOU ARE EATING TOO FEW CALORIES, and warns me about starvation mode and such.


So I’m making it a point to eat all or most of my calories and/or points for the day (I’ve been tracking points plus for the past three days). I literally forced myself to eat pancakes last night because I was 300+ calories away from my goal, and I just *knew* that I’d be heavier this morning. I got on the scale this morning, and saw 165.2. Without thinking, I rolled my eyes and said to myself, “SEE. TOLD YOU YOU’D BE HEAVIER.” and then I did a double take — wait, I was 166.4 yesterday! So I lost 1.2 pounds! It could just be a happy coincidence, but I’ll take it.


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    Congratulations!! I need to remind myself that eating fuels my body.. it is so easy to forget. I hope that your race goes off without a hitch and that the rain holds off! I hope you take photos of you at the end of the race!

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