Check me out, yo. The Fairy Hobmother is a fan!


So a while back, I was visiting a blog that cracks me up, and I saw that this little mythical guy (yes — male) called the Fairy Hobmother stopped by her blog. I commented on the Hobmother post, and promptly forgot about it.

Then a few days ago, I got this email!

I was very impressed with what I saw, you clearly work very hard on your blog and I think that such hard work deserves to be rewarded. I’d like to send you a $50 voucher for Amazon to brighten your day.

Why thank you, Fairy Hobmother! I’m saving up for a Garmin GPS watch, so this will be perfect! I was a little skeptical, but now, I believe! Now if only he could hook me up with a laundry fairy who would tackle my dirty clothes mountain…think he’ll drop off a new dryer?

Do you blog? Want the Fairy Hobmother to pay you a visit?

Leave a comment on this post with your URL! Maybe if you strike his fancy, he’ll fly over and sprinkle some Amazon Gift Card pixie dust on your blog ;).

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  1. I have been working a lot of my blog. The fairy hobmother may find my “journey to wordpress” post funny!

    I really want it to grow! Congrats on getting visited! that is so cool!

  2. Wow that is awesome. I had never heard of him until tonight. Congrats on the visit and I hope you get your GPS soon :)

  3. I’ve been following the fairy dust for about a year and a half now. I do hope one day the Fairy hobmother visits my blog and fans up. I’m not surprised he’s fanned up over here at Freckleberry Finds – you rock! Congrats on your visit and your fab gift.

  4. Ahhh I’m obsessed with the Fairy Hobmother. Every time I see that he has visited a blog I love, I get all giddy. :D Congrats on your visit! Hope I get a visit from him soon. *Fingers crossed*

  5. Connie Gruning says:


  6. Nikki Muroski says:

    Awesome! Congrats! :) Leaving my site & crossing fingers & toes!! ;)

  7. Who would say no to a swell guy like that?

  8. Congratulations! You have a great blog – you deserve it :)

  9. Congratulations on the lucky visit from a fairy! I mean, now that we are all grown up how often do we get to say that to our friends?

  10. He’s showing up everywhere, what a fun Fairy Hobmother brighten up peoples days.

  11. Everyone that I have heard of that has been visiting by the fairy hobmother has been so happy! I hope that you are able to get the GPS that you have been saving up for quite soon!!