Crushing records and having fun at the #SkirtChaser 5K!

So this past weekend, I learned a few things: I am not used to running hills and I am also not used to having water while I run — hellooooo cramps! Aside from those two character-building incidents ;), the Skirt Chaser 5K was a great success! I had such a great time. I know it’s fun to see pictures, so let’s have at it!

#SkirtChaserCutest bib ever! Since the race was in Tempe (about an hour away from where I live), I just went early for packet pickup as opposed to doing it the day before. I showed up and got my bib, and my registration included a running skirt. I think that’s such a better idea than a t-shirt! I’ll wear this skirt a lot more often than I would a race tee. Anyway, I went over to the skirt pickup, and the gal behind the table asked me, “What size do you want? You look like you’d be a medium.”

Hold. the. phone.

Medium. Me! And you know what? It fits! I posted on Facebook about how pumped I was to have my size guessed as a medium. You bet my skinny ass I’m a medium! Woo hoo!

#SkirtChaserI felt a little silly being solo at this race. Everyone else had a group of friends that they were running with, but I found a sweet gal to take my picture. This was before the race started. It was so sunny and warm that day! I think it was around 75F. I got a little sunburned! But I also get sunburned sitting in the car, so take that with a grain of salt.

#skirtChaser5KWhile I was walking to the race area, I saw a huge … something … walking ahead of me towards the race. I caught up to them and saw that it was Nite Al, the Night Run mascot. I couldn’t resist and had to get a picture with him. I might have to do this race! It’s in May, so I’ll be ready to run out of the sun and under the somewhat cooler temps after dusk! Emma and Micah have been asking to do a run, and this one has a 260′ tot trot (lol!), and depending on scheduling, we’ll see if we can do this event. Looks like a blast!

#skirtchaserHere’s my view of the skirts waiting at the starting line! It was kind of fun to run only with girls for a little bit — the men started 3 minutes after we did (get it? Skirt Chaser?).

SkirtChaser Skirtand the grand finale…my size medium running skirt by Skirt Sports! It’s the gym girl ultra, and it has little shorties underneath. I’m in love with it! Emma was taking my picture for this post, and she told me that I should take some “goofy pictures”. Here’s what she got, haha!

Skirt Chaser Goofy

I have a PR!

Remember how I said I wanted to run it in 36:00 or below? I was on track to hit that, easily, right before the turnaround (it was an out and back route). I usually don’t drink water while I run, but that’s because it’s been so cool. This race was at 2:00 PM, and it was pretty warm. I grabbed about 6 ounces of water, and INSTANTLY felt my stomach cramping. I was so pissed! I ran the second half of the race with my hands clasped at my waist so that I could run. Obviously, that slowed me down a bit. The ┬ácourse had some hills, too.

I was running the bridge near the finish, and I heard my phone ding and tell me that I hit mile 3, and that my time was something like 35:40. I booked it and sprinted to the finish, but I didn’t quite make it in time — I ran the 5K in 36:47. 47 measly seconds off! It’s okay, though. I’ll take the extra :47. It’ll give me something to beat for next race!

race stats skirt chaserIt’s hard to look at that screen and not get discouraged, but I am only in competition with MYSELF. There were some folks at this race that were in unbelievable shape, and I saw more than one Ironman tattoo. Also, I ran my fastest mile during this race with a time of 10:56! Go me! I had a fantastic time, and I’m really glad I ran it! Now I’m off to find the next race :).


  1. Sharleanna says

    Good for you!! Check out the Pat Tilman race! Its so awesome My family and I are walking it because we are bringing the kiddos. :)

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