The Gigi Hill Grocery Totes: Totally Cute!

by Megan E. Hansen

The Gina grocery totes from Gigi Hill arrived on my doorstep just in time. It was right before Christmas, and I was happy to get a present just for me! To begin, the two totes, one in Isis Green and one in Isis Aqua (you get two fab totes for $18.50!) are roomy and stylish. They are also very well made, with quality stitching and strong handles. The material is vibrant and easy to clean up. I got a number of compliments taking these beauties around town!


Our first stop? Returning our books to the local library. I was able to jam 10+ picture books in this tote, and went home with easily double that number plus at least 5 Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs. This outing was a really good test of their sturdiness, given the heaviness and sharp corners! I was never worried about their ability to hold all of the many books and movies that my boys picked out.

Next I used the totes for their obvious purpose: groceries. Lots and lots of groceries. I have to tell you, this was a major pre-Christmas shopping trip, complete with a ham! The bagger showed no mercy and filled both totes to the brim. None of my other grocery totes could ever fit as many groceries, and none of them are this cute!

The totes’ final test (say that 10 times fast!) was on our flight back to the Bay Area from Salt Lake City. I literally felt like Santa Claus (well, I did eat a lot of sweets over the holidays!) lugging a bag full of toys onto the airplane that couldn’t fit into our checked luggage. The tote was packed to the brim, but it fit easily over my shoulder while I navigated my sons onto the plane. I will always travel with one of these stowed in my suitcase for luggage emergencies.

I definitely recommend these totes to anyone who is looking for generously-sized, bright and stylish totes for any job they can imagine. Their usefulness is definitely not limited to groceries! How about a day at the beach? Headed to the laundromat? Packing the car for a camping trip? The list goes on!

Megan is a Pisces mama who loves waves to float under, snow to ski on and rain to hike through. She also loves cooking and baking gluten-free for her family. She writes poetry and essays at “Megan’s Meander.”


  1. Wendy Pence says

    These are really cute! Definitely a more stylish way to go green than the reusable store bags you can buy at some stores. Some of them are just downright ugly!!! Who designs those? LOL — I’m going to have to order a couple of these. Thanks!!!

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