Weigh in Wednesday Week 32: Ups and Downs


That’s kind of how I feel about this entire week’s worth of eating and attempted weight loss. It’s been a really fun week, actually, and a lot of new changes are happening at my house. For one, I have accepted a new job (yay!), and I’m really excited to get to work and help a company grow their online presence. I’m doubly excited because I will work out of the home two days a week, and work from home three days a week. It’s the best of both worlds, truly! So on Friday, I had the job interview. The office is about an hour away from where we live, and about five minutes after I walked in the door after driving home, my cell phone rang — it was them! They offered me the job :). So naturally, we went out to dinner to celebrate. I was riding the wave of my weight loss last week, and I was confident that one splurge meal would be totally okay. So we went to Texas Roadhouse, and I ate my favorite meal: Chicken Critters with cream gravy, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, and green beans. Oh, and THREE ROLLS with their delicious cinnamon butter.

It was heavenly.

But I think it started my week off on the wrong foot. That meal cost me 44 points+. Holy cow! But I figured that the weekly points+ exist for a reason, right? Throughout the week, I dipped into 40 out of my 49 weekly points+. Last week, I only used 2. I need to find my happy balance, for sure. It’s so hard not to use those 49 weekly points+ on junk, know what I mean?

But I was really active this week!

Oddly enough, I didn’t go on a single run  this week! But I did get out there and do some fun stuff! On Saturday, we wanted to get out there and enjoy the gorgeous day that we had, so we went to the San Tan Regional Park for a hike! I brought the Boba carrier with me and wore Maisy (22 pounds) for a 2.2 mile hike.

San Tan Maisy

san tan collage

And actually, we went again today!  It’s got some uphill and dippy areas, so it’s a good workout! The scenery can’t be beat, and we’ve got to enjoy our desert before it becomes a full time oven in the summer. This hike in 120F temperatures would be killer!

I randomly got inspired to revisit the 30 Day Shred this week, too! I’ve done it for three straight days now, and oh. my. god. My quads are so sore from the squats and lunges! I’m impressed with myself throughout the cardio sections, though. Those used to be really, really hard for me, but I presume the fact that I run now helps out in that area ;). I am going to challenge myself to finish out the full 30 Day Shred — all thirty days, and advance through the levels like you’re supposed to.

I’m a little scared.

and we went to … the drag races … ?

lolwut? We are so not NASCAR/NHRA kind of people, but the opportunity arose for me to get tickets to the Arizona Nationals for drag racing, and I figured why not, right? I knew the kids would really get a kick out of it, so we went!

IMG_1939Have you ever been to a funny car race? ‘Cause we hadn’t. And holy. crow. We did NOT expect to be shaken to our core, literally! We knew it’d be loud — and we bought appropriate ear gear for the kids and for ourselves (we have the foam ear plugs in), but we had no idea that you could FEEL those cars take off! It was insane, in the coolest way ever. We were a good 50 yards from the race track when the first one took off, and Andrew and I looked at each other in shock! It was the neatest thing. I’m really glad we went!

castrol gtxThe food there was what we call “fair food”. Battered, deep fried, barbequed, cheesed, you name it. We bought some Indian Fry Bread (had a bite — omg) and what they called “Riley Fries”.

pigglysPiggly’s. Really. I can’t make this stuff up. The bites of fried goodness that I had were pretty good though!

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 160.0 (UGH), so that means it was a .2 pound gain from last week. Sucktown. But that’s ok! I’m going to do my best to ditch the junk, and if I go into my weekly points, do it with REAL food. I’d like to blame the fact that I had such a big loss last week on my puny weigh in today, but I know better. My eating wasn’t great.

So that brings my weight loss to 47.4 pounds. Still dying to hit that 50!!!

You can read all of my weight loss posts in one place right here. Booyah!


  1. Deborah says

    You are so cute! Wow, what beautiful scenery you have for hiking! Everyone posts these photos of gorgeous views…and all we have here is flat land. Not even rolling hills. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Heather Buffington says

    Hey girl! You need to update your progress pic! Your doing such an awesome job,show it off! ;) and again Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  3. says

    The photos of the food looks wonderful! I’m a fan of the most unhealthy food ever. You’ll get to 50 pounds really soon!! You’ve made so much progress already and you will continue to keep it up.

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