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So Micah turned four yesterday (what?! I just gave birth to that kid! When did this happen?), and he’s growing up into such a firecracker of a kid. He loves to ride his bike, play outside, and he can whip your butt in Mario Kart. I always ask him, “Am I your best friend?” and he always responds with a solid, “BEST FRIEND!”

Love that booger!

But while he’s growing up, he’s still got issues that little kids tend to have. Micah has a bedwetting problem, and it’s just … not going away. He’s been potty trained for well over a year, so it’s not an issue of comprehending where he’s supposed to do his business, it’s nocturnal enuresis. He wears a diaper at bedtime, but even then, we have leaking issues. He can usually make it through nap time without an accident, but there are times when I am forced to do a load of laundry due to a nap time bedwetting incident.

GoodNites Bed Mats | Freckleberry Fit

So we’re looking into things that will not only help keep him dry during the night, but something that will save his mattress! We’re giving GoodNites Bed Mats a try!

This is the first post out of three, so you’ll be hearing more about our experience in the coming months!

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of GoodNites. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


  1. Cathy says

    I had a bed wetting issue until I was 12; and it wasn’t going away. I had tried all he alarms and underwear and everything in between. Finally I went to the doctor and she prescribed me something (don’t remember what it was, I was only twelve), and I took it for a month and then I never suffered again. Its such a common problem, more common than people thought. If it doesn’t get better, or improve, I would recomend just paying your doctor a visit to see what they say. If they have a solution, its saves a lot of embarrassment in the long run…

  2. Maya says

    I use these in combination with some other items. I wish I had known about these a long time ago. On my son’s bed I have one of those mattress protectors that I got at Raymour & Flanigan. It worked great for the first year but after washing it over and over it started leaking through to the mattress. So I doubled up and used a standard mattress protector with the R & F “liquid proof” mattress protector (they dump a cup of water on it at the store and you see it run off). Well, even with a night time diaper (he’s a boy, if something isn’t aimed in the right direction then we have leakage), and 2 mattress protectors, we still ended up with a wet mattress. Long story short, I now use the GoodNites bed mats in combo with a night time dipaper, and both mattress pads. Its our final layer of protection before the mattress and it definitely works. Nothing has leaked through. I’m cautious to use them solo but I’m sure they would work just fine by themselves. Definitely worth it to save your child’s mattress from getting wet.

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