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You’ve been there, I’ve been there. You’re cleaning your kitchen counters, scrubbing away at crusty peanut butter from today’s lunch, but you can’t quite get the last little bit of cleaner to spray out of your bottle.

It’s maddening, really.

I always end up just unscrewing the darn nozzle, and pouring the last bit out. But then it’s a huge mess — too much liquid, splashing every where. So then Clorox came upon a stroke of genius: What if the spray tube actually sucked up all of the liquid from the bottom of the bottle?

And so, an idea was born. That idea turned into Smart Tube Technology! And let me tell you — it’s pretty cool.

Clorox Smart Tube Technology

See the yellow stripe all the way down the left side? The tube is contoured to the side of the bottle, and runs down the whole length! That way it slurps up every drop. Hooray! But they didn’t just stop at putting these tubes in Clorox Clean Up…that’d just be silly! Check it out, my dears:

Clorox Smart Tube Technology

So Clorox, if ever you want to let other folks borrow this technology for, say, shampoo bottles or ketchup, that’d be swell ;). But really, how simple is that? It’s such a great idea that I wonder why I didn’t think of it.

I really dig these bottles, and it’s not just for convenience’s sake. It drives me mad when I feel like I’ve wasted the last little bit of product (that I paid for, mind you!). Now I can get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m really getting the full value of what I’ve paid for. Plus, no more tilting, spinning the nozzle, or other cleaner acrobatics are necessary ;). It’s just a SMART solution all the way around!

Buy it!

You can visit SprayEveryDrop.com to find a retailer near you — there’s even more products with Smart Tube Technology than I pictured above! Yeah!

Win it!

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