Weigh In Wednesday Week 39: I’m baaaack! and I have NEWS!

I know you couldn’t bear for me to be away for yet another week, right? ;)

Well! I took a little breather, and am doing my best to make sure that I have enough hours in the day to work, be with my family, be a mom and wife, and also actually have time to WORK OUT so I can then BLOG about it! People tell me all the time, “I don’t know how you do it!”

Neither do I, folks. Neither. do. I.

I’ve enjoyed being able to just live for the past three weeks, and though I was still around and posting for previous obligations, it was good to fall asleep when I wanted to, not after I was done working. Since I can’t very well fit in three week’s worth of updates in one post, I’m going to just kind of throw things at you, smorgasbord style.

We went to Texas!

Freckleberry Fit

Freckleberry Fit

I took full advantage of the new running views and went out for a quick run. We were only there for about 36 hours (really!), so I just did a quick 2 miles. Oh, and when I say quick, I kind of mean it:

Freckleberry Fit | Fastest MileHey-oh! I know that obviously, I only ran two miles, so that this time with a grain of salt, but I’m pumped about it! If you want to read more about how I nearly made my mom pass out, you can read this post. Also, confession. I ate Whataburger. I regret nothing.

I got some new dresses! and then took selfies!

 Freckleberry Fit
Ignore my face, I have no make up on. Also, how the hell does young Hollywood stand like that on the red carpet?! I literally had to take fifty of these shots so I could get the damn legs right. I am not cut out for this.

and then I wore the dress out to dinner with bloggers!

Freckleberry Fit, Slap Dash Mom, Around My Family TableIf you don’t already, go follow Slap Dash Mom and Around My Family Table! They’re awesome gals with awesome blogs. Our dinner out was pure chaos. My three kids were there along with another girl’s two kids, and they were just … being kids! Also, Maisy threw up all over herself when I was two seconds away from the parking lot. Eff. My. Life. So I cleaned her up with wipies, tied my coral cardigan around her like a strapless dress, and went with it. I got stared at a lot, lol.

and the grand finale…

Guess who just registered for her very first half marathon? THIS GIRL!!

Women's Running Half Marathon Scottsdale

I am SO pleased to announce that I have registered to run in the Women’s Running Half Marathon in Scottsdale/Tempe, AZ! The race is on November 3, so I have more than enough time to train. And I’m not running alone — my younger sister, Kelsey, is going to run it with me! It will be her first half as well. I am so excited and I cannot wait! We’ve been planning to run our first half marathon together, and we’ve been trying to plan and find the right race for about a month. Bah! I just get giddy thinking about it! So ready to tackle it!

The Weigh In

I have weighed in every Wednesday, even though I hadn’t blogged about it. I intended to look it up in my Weight Watchers app for this post, but I can’t figure out how to see the exact weight — only a table! Bah. So! My weight in week 36 was 156.4. Today, I weighed in at 153.4, a loss of 3 pounds over three weeks! I will TAKE IT! Especially considering I was on vacation, and we all know how vacay eating goes ;). This brings my total weight loss to 54 pounds! This means I’m only 8.4 pounds away from goal. WUT.

You can read all of my weight loss posts in one place right here. Sha-wing!


  1. Nikki says

    I am so excited that you are so close to your goal. I am glad that you are back, have missed seeing blogs from you.

  2. says

    AWESOME! Good for you. I would love to run a half marathon someday. I’ve only been running for 7 weeks though an just on my treadmill for now. I live in Canada, the snow took forever to melt!

  3. Pam Kiene says

    You look absolutely gorgeous !! Ok I am a bit partial!!! I’m so proud of you Ash! Your beaming all around!!!

    • says

      Haha, you are so sweet! I feel like a wet rat without makeup. I don’t wear a lot, but my eyes…they look a little dead without liner, ha! Glad you found me :). Stick around! <3

  4. kimberly says

    i just found your blog….thank you thank you thank you!!! i was ready to give in to depression. :~{ EVERYONE around me has lost 40-50 lbs me nothing!i wanted to do weight watchers but times are tuff and i dont need another bill. so thank you for posting all this info. im ready to get dtarted on my journy to a healthier leaner me. i am about the size you were when you started (209)and want to get to 150 -145. i see you and i am encouraged that i can do this. thank you

  5. says

    I haven’t been to your blog in a while, and had to say congrats on the weight loss! What an amazing transformation! Good luck with the half – I ran my first half marathon back in November for my 30th birthday and it was a great experience :)

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