Weigh In Wednesday: I’ve apparently got some willpower.

First of all, I am going to apologize in advance if this post is incoherent. I am not intoxicated, I promise. I am writing this at 9:45 PM — and for this granny, that is LATE. I’ve been solo parenting for the second week in a row, and it has been ROUGH, y’all. The kids are behaving about 75% of the time, but it’s just exhausting having to be on point 24/7.

The past week has been kind of a blur (I feel like I say that every week!), but I had the forethought to jot down a few things that happened along the way so I wouldn’t forget!

Treadmill shopping!

Andrew was home for a whopping 24 hours this weekend (I miss that guy!), and we went treadmill shopping. I’m teetering between two different models, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I end up getting. My official start date for half marathon training is Monday, August 12! If you pray or send vibes or wish on stars, please send one up for my knees. My right knee has been hurting lately, and I haven’t even been running! So scared that my body will limit me. UGH. I’m putting the finishing touches on my training schedule, and once I finalize it, I’ll be posting it so you guys can follow along. I’m going to need you guys to encourage me and keep my accountable! I know I can count on y’all :).


While Andrew was home, we hit up Sam’s Club so I could stock up on things I’d need for the week — a gazillion apples, broccoli, chicken, etc. We were walking through the baked goods area and I saw it. A four pack of HUGE assorted cupcakes. Chocolate, carrot cake, coconut, and red velvet. I mean, it spoke to me.


Pretty sure it was the cream cheese frosting that did me in. I was gazing at them longingly, and Andrew picked them up and put them in our cart. I protested a little bit, but I figured that there were four cupcakes — one for me, one for him, and two for the kids. If we ate them all, I wouldn’t have them lingering around the house for me to nibble on.

Let me tell you what. I have no idea how many PP that cupcake was, but holy crap. Worth. It. 

Willpower? I has it?

This week, I passed up a lot of foods that sounded amazeballs at the time. I grew up in South Texas where the fast food chain Whataburger was founded. It’s basically a food group there, and their breakfast is like something from the heavens. Their taquitos are so good! On the way home from picking Andrew up at the airport, we stopped to get the kids something to eat as a treat — the closest Whataburger is an hour away, so we don’t eat there often at all. I knew that this would be my only chance for the next month or two to eat Whataburger, but I passed. I passed! 

What else did I pass up? I’m pretty sure a coworker brought donuts this week. Oh! And at that same Sam’s Club trip, I passed up every. single. sample lady. I’m talking cream cheese danishes (omg), bundt cakes (OMG), and Toaster Strudels (O.M.G.). It was apparently some breakfast promotion, and y’all know that breakfast is my JAM. I was pretty proud of myself for not eating worthless points plus!

I’ve been so busy and downright exhausted the past couple of weeks that I’ve pretty much eaten the exact same thing every single day. Protein shake, Subway sandwich and apples, and a turkey burger. I’d eat some string cheese or other random snacks, but that’s pretty much my diet for the past week or so. I’m not sick of it, so I guess I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, haha!

Look at what I found in my sandwich this week, though.


Do you see that tiny little fleck of peperoncini? That IMPOSTOR? I do not do peppers of any form. No bell peppers, banana peppers, nada. The smell kills me. It’s probably in my top 10 food aversions of all time.

That little fleck was the most fragrant little sucker I’ve ever smelled. I almost died. And SEE?! See how it was ON MY WRAPPER and it TOUCHED MY FOOD. I totally understand that this is something a five year old would complain about. Fully aware. I’m just that picky!

I do have a confession, guys. I fell off the No Soda Summer bandwagon :(. I went nearly 50 days without drinking soda, and then I just … drank one. It was kind of like a dessert choice, and it was SO SWEET. I had a diet something or another, and it tasted like the full sugar version! I’m still going to do my best to up my water intake, but I don’t know if I’m ready to re-quit soda. I hope I haven’t let y’all down :(. I am proud of how far I came, though!

The Weigh In

This morning was a roller coaster of emotions, haha. I got on the scale, and it read 147. ONE FORTY SEVEN! That means I’ve lost over 60 pounds! I got off the scale and grabbed my phone to take a picture of the number (for you guys, duh!). Got back on the scale. Not holding phone. 148. WTF?! Got off. Back on. 148. Rinse and repeat six times. 148. I was so mad, lol! I wanted to hit the 60 pound mark this week. This week, I (APPARENTLY) weighed in at 148.0 pounds, a 1.4 pound loss for the week! That puts my total weight loss at 59.4 pounds (DAGNABBIT). 

Next week. Next week I will get it!

You can read all of my weight loss posts in one place right here. Sha-wing!


  1. Awesome! You rock!

  2. CSilkworth says:

    you are an inspiration to me…you show me that it really can be done! Thanks for taking the time to share your progress with us all, you earned the right to be very proud! keep up the great work and keep posting…one of these days I will get sick of being fat and really want it as bad as you do. :-}

  3. Still amazing! By the way, your phone weighs a pound! I don’t know, but it’s a thought! LOL Keep going!!!

  4. Hey! I just found your blog and I’ve been devouring quite a few of your posts! You’re such an inspiration! I’m pregnant right now so my weight loss is on hold, it’s nice to read about someone else’s and see such amazing progress! I saw you’re having knee problems and I wanted to offer a little friendly advice. I ran my first half marathon last October and had knee problems as well. Have you tried foam rolling? It saved my knee. I found my IT band was super tight and was told to foam roll (and ice) by my doctor and a personal trainer. I hope that helps some! Keep up the great work!