Weigh In Wednesday: Snowballs and Tiny Numbers

What? It’s Thursday? This week has been a total blur. I posted last week on Thursday, too, since time has been slipping away from me. Andrew’s been travelling a lot, so I’ve been flying solo. Emma started school, and I started working full time in the office, and while I have never been happier about my job and our family arrangement, I’m totally wiped out! I’m going to try and breeze through tonight’s post so I can fall asleep before 9. Granny alert, y’all.

Cheat Meal Snowball

So on Friday, I posted on Facebook about how I was making dinner for a local friend who just kicked cancer’s ass and underwent a mastectomy. She’s a runner, too, and heads up our local Moms Run This Town chapter along with her sister. I’ve done a month-long miles challenge with her, and she smoked everyone and logged ridic amounts of miles. Anyway. I made her dinner, and just doubled the recipes so that I’d have dinner for my family, too. The meal itself wasn’t too bad — shredded bbq chicken sandwiches (8 PP each, I think) and corn casserole (5 PP per serving…things are adding up…). But the kicker was that I made my family’s recipe that I can’t resist.

Blueberry cheesecake.

I decided that I’d have one slice, use my weeklies, and enjoy it. I really did only have one slice of that pie, too! But guess how many points were in it? TWELVE. EEEESH! That night, I had my sandwich, my corn casserole, and my pie. Then I ate Maisy’s corn casserole. Then I had a few more bites from the dish on the stove.

And so the snowball began.

That weekend, I had a hard time not putting the brakes back on after my splurge meal. I had pancakes (whole wheat, no butter, sugar free syrup, but still) and a slew of other not-so-great stuff. The day was super carb-filled.

I’ve been on track since Monday, though! It turns out that being in the office really helps my eating. I can only eat what I bring, so I just make sure not to bring crappy food. I’ve been so tired each night that I usually do something easy like a turkey burger on the George Foreman grill or a bowl of cereal. It’s time I admitted that I basically eat like a semi-healthy bachelor. You’ve discovered my secret!

Freckleberry Fit

Yes, I am boring as heck and just eat a patty, cheese, and ketchup on my burgers. Always have! I have the palette of  5 year old.

Oh! I have one more picture for y’all. A girl friend knows how much I love the show Breaking Bad, so she sent me a Los Pollos Hermanos shirt! Excuse the I don’t care hair, and the fact that it’s taken in a mirror. High quality stuff, right?

Freckleberry Fit

Anyone else addicted to that show? Katie from Runs for Cookies has a rule that she can only watch her fave Netflix shows while she’s on the treadmill. If I ever get around to buying one, I’m using that rule!

The Weigh In

This week, I weighed in at 149.4, giving me a loss of .4 pounds for the week. That brings my total weight loss amount to 58 pounds even. Wont it be crazy to be able to say I’ve lost SIXTY pounds?! I can’t wait!

You can read all of my weight loss posts in one place right here. Sha-wing!


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    Ashley, I just found your blog a few days ago and I am so happy I did. I have been trying to lose weight, trying all kinds of weight loss plans. The latest was doing Atkins low carb. I have lost some more weight but I was feeling deprived from my breads and cereals. I do know that a lower carb diet is healthier for me and it has dramatically helped my blood pressure to come down, but I need a more realistic diet so I am going to add a few more carbs. You have helped me to remember that weight loss is a life style change and a journey. Thank you again for sharing your story. You have really helped me. I am currently 171.3 pounds. Trying to get under the 170’s. Ultimate goal is 140 or less as I am only 5’3″ tall. God bless you! Christine in AL.

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    I love Breaking Bad! Sad it is over, but they did such an amazing job, I can’t complain.

    Also I love those “thin” breads you used for your breakfast sandwich. So good!

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