Learning to Like My Body and #FightFatTalk

It’s funny, you know, how those magazines and weight loss reality shows paint the most beautiful picture of how a person should look after they lose a substantial amount of weight. You see those before and after photos, and you just know that if you buckle down and overhaul your entire life, that you’ll get those results. You’ll have a slim, flat stomach and you will be SO HAPPY! Look at her smile! It’s so white and pearly and wide! She worked hard and she EARNED these results.

And then, you lose a substantial amount of weight. Just like that girl on the Half My Size issue of the checkout line magazines.

But you don’t look like that. You kind of resemble it, but it’s just … not what you expected. You’re a little deflated, and you certainly aren’t going to be jogging in a sports bra and shorts any time soon.

I’m living this right now. And let me tell you, it is one serious mind freak. I lost 50 pounds, but my body isn’t slender and taut. I can fake it, and I can wear one of my half dozen shapers, but there’s nothing more sobering than getting out of the shower and feeling like you got cheated out of something. I did the work! I put in the hours and skipped the junk food! Where is my cover story body? It has become second nature for me to pull and tug at my stomach when I’m getting dressed — it’s not a conscious thing, but more because I’m just flat out uncomfortable.

And it’s not healthy.

Here’s the problem. I don’t have the “after” photo body that I thought I would. But what I’m trying (so, so very hard) to do is to just LIKE my body for what it can do for me now that I’ve lost weight. Just over a month ago, my “imperfect” thighs carried me 13.1 miles, and they’ll do it again next month. I am having to make such a concentrated effort to set an example for my daughter — to show her that it’s important to value yourself.

#FightFatTalk | Freckleberry Fit

When I feel compelled to criticize my body, I imagine my daughter saying the same things about herself. 

That right there is enough to break your heart into a million pieces. I am the person she looks up to, and there is nothing I want more than for her to be free of the mental battle that I deal with. It’s impossible to change your mindset over night — notice that this post includes the word “like,” not “love.” I’m taking small steps to accept my body, and to be proud of what I can accomplish with it. I want to raise daughters to have immeasurable amounts of self esteem while valuing a healthy body.

Special K is empowering women to #FightFatTalk.

Fat Talk is so embedded in everyday conversations that it has become a barrier to managing weight. According to a recent survey, nearly half of women say that they engage in Fat Talk because they feel it’s better to criticize themselves before others do so. Interestingly, 63% of women surveyed said when they notice themselves or their friends engaging in Fat Talk, they don’t try to stop or change the conversation – and 62% of women say they feel compelled to engage in Fat Talk about themselves when they hear other women doing so.

#FightFatTalk | Freckleberry Fit

So can we make a deal here, ladies?

Trust me. I know that being okay with the body you have isn’t easy. It’s a daily (hourly, minute-by-minute…) struggle for me, and I know how easy it is to fall into the cycle of self-deprecation. Can we pledge to knock it off, and empower your fellow women to do the same? It’s time that we silence the negativity, and take note of how awesome our bodies can be. You can learn more about #FightFatTalk here — you can even run a quick diagnostic check to see if anyone on your Facebook and Twitter feeds is succumbing to fat talk.

I’m in if you’re in. 

I partnered with SpecialK to write this sponsored post, but you can bet your good lookin’ buns that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Scouts honor. 


  1. clarissa says

    You are such an inspiration! I too use to wear a size 22 and am now down to a size 10 (I have lost almost 90lbs), I have a lot of loose skin and it hangs over my pants..it is so hard to like the way you look when all I can focus on is that fat roll..Thank you for sharing and letting other people know that we are not alone on feeling cheated for all of our hard work. I have kind of fallen off the wagon this Christmas season and am trying to get back on track and loose the extra 10 lbs I gain and I know I can do it but again just wanted to say thanks for the motivation!

    • says

      Congrats on the 90 pounds!! That’s incredible! I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s so hard to be proud when you’re still unhappy with the body you’re left with. I’m definitely trying to build a mindset that’s proud of my hard work, not ashamed of the results!


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