Weigh in Wednesday: 2014 Edition

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRECKLEBERRIES! I would love to tell you that I got gussied up and danced the night away, but I’m a fuddy duddy who enjoyed her evening on the couch with her husband and kids watching a Cops marathon. (Funny tidbit: Micah woke up in the middle of the night and asked me if all the bad guys got arrested. Ha!)

I hope you guys had a great New Year’s Eve. Is anyone else feeling really excited about the fresh start? I am big on charting, tracking, and following analytics and stuff, so something about a new year with no data is encouraging to me. I don’t have any bad juju going into this year when it comes to my weight, so I’m going to try and bottle that up and use it!

Time to be transparent.

I’ve found that the only way to keep myself accountable is to blog about my food, exercise, and current weight. I kicked a lot of ass on Nutrisystem, and I think it was due in part to the fact that I was required by contract to blog weekly. Knowing that I had to write about my week helped me really think about what I would or wouldn’t eat.

So I think I need to come clean a little, in order to have a fresh start. Let’s just unload, okay? I have gained weight. I think my last documented weigh in was on October 4, 2013, and I weighed in at 155 pounds. That’s pretty much what I had been maintaining since March 2013, when I hit 157.4, marking 50 pounds lost. I think the lowest I’ve gotten since then was 149.5, but that was for like, one day. I ate super super super clean for a week, and dipped into the 140s. So I know it can be done!

Anyway. Enough stalling. I weighed in today at 161.8 pounds. This isn’t a surprise to me, since I know my eating has been pretty bad lately. Actually, I weighed in at 164.8 last Wednesday, so I lost 3 pounds this week. I was half assing it, I’ll be honest, so I am excited to see what I can do once I really start trying!

I can definitely tell that I’d put on some weight. I tend to poof out in my belly when I gain weight (awesome), so I’ve felt super gross for the past couple of weeks. It totally doesn’t help that I’ve been ridiculously sick for two weeks, complete with losing my voice entirely. It’s pretty difficult to run when you’re wheezing, so I haven’t been able to get any runs in. My next race is in 19 days (yikes!) so I’m going to have to just power through the cough and snot to get the rest of my training in.

Freckleberry Fit

I see a lot of areas that I need to work on, and I’m excited to look into new avenues of fitness this year. I miiiiiight even get over my gym anxiety and join so I can start lifting. Eeeep! So nervous!

Goals for 2014

Here’s the plan, stan:

  • Complete the two half marathons I’m registered for (January and November)
  • FINALLY get down to 145 and maintain it!
  • Give weight lifting a try
  • Chill out on the diet soda, for reals.

What are you doing to get closer to your goals in 2014?

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  1. says

    Best Wishes! I like your “Chill out on the diet soda” goal. It is much more manageable than cutting it out completely (although this summer was great without it!). I’m back up 10 or so pounds and look forward to the 140s again too! My ultimate goal is to see a size 6 again…not sure what my weight will be at that point. We can do this!

  2. Christy says

    You look awesome! Great job on achieving some goals! And for being willing to share the setbacks! Best of luck with your goals for this year! It really is about perseverance.

  3. Pat Walker Pinkston says

    I eased up on the diet during the holidays and have been eating the food gifts we received for Christmas. Starting tomorrow, no more junk. I’ve gained 6 pounds since the week before Christmas.Been doing so well, too. I’ve lost 60 pounds since March. So, we’ll both redouble our efforts, and get back on track. Will keep up with your progress.

  4. Nikki says

    Congrats! You look amazing! I started following your blog around the time I decided to really try this time to lose the “baby weight” (ahem, my babies are 7 and 10 lol). I started on July 7 at 168.8 and weighed in on Dec 1 (my goal date) at 140.5 (my goal weight)! I have been lucky that even throughout the holidays, I maintained and didn’t gain, although I didn’t lose anymore either even though I have still been exercising. I didn’t diet per se throughout, more just portion control and being more aware. My goal for 2014 is to do my first 5K and get toned….thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Cheri says

    I think it is okay that you had a setback. What with being sick and the holidays, it is very hard to stay on any program. You have done it before and I know you can do it again. I hope you are feeling better now.

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