Ready, Set, LOSE! JOIN the #SummerSweatDietBet with me!

Has anyone else been living it up this summer, indulging in poolside treats and letting loose? Um. I have. Lots of Otter Pops and ice cream. Picnics with hot dogs and chips. But it’s time to reign it in! I’ve had so much fun with my kids this summer, but I’m ready to get back on track.

What if I told you that you could lose 4% of your body weight by Labor Day, and win money while doing it?

I’ve done it before, and I’m so excited to do it again! I’m hosting a DietBet, a weight loss game where participants bet money that they’ll lose 4% of their starting body weight in four weeks. Those that do, split the pool of money! If that’s not motivation to get your rear in gear, I don’t know what is!

Announcing the #SummerSweatDietBet!


Here’s how it works:

  • The #SummerSweatDietBet starts on July 29, but you can join RIGHT NOW to get in on the bet! Click here to join.
  • You bet $25 that you’ll lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks (game ends August 25). To give you an idea of how much that is, if you’re 150 pounds, you’ll need to lose 6 pounds.
  • When you sign up to join the Diet Bet, you’ll weigh in and take a photo of yourself on a scale (fully clothed, no worries man), and then a photo of your feet on the scale with a weigh in word that they give you (like “banana” — kind of a password). The folks over at Diet Bet are the only people who see these pics, and it’s only used to verify your weight so no one can be a sneaky snake. There’s a great explanation on how Diet Bet works right over here.
  • Everyone who loses 4% or more of their starting weight will get PAID, BABY! Winners split the pot!
  • Open to anyone 18+, anywhere in the world

I’m going to be participating right alongside you, and I want to see your pictures on Instagram and Twitter! Post post workout selfies, pictures of your healthy foods, anything that will help keep you motivated and motivate others to LOSE! I’ll be retweeting and reposting your stuff!


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