Sound the alarm! Skinnygirl makes HUMMUS NOW! #NowThisIsSkinnydipping #Sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf ofSkinnygirl. I received a product sample and a promotional item to facilitate my review. 

Bethenny Frankel QuoteI thought it was impossible for me to love Bethenny Frankel any more, but she’s proven me wrong (as she does). I’ve always admired her for her no-nonsense attitude, her transparency, and her business savvy. As a working mom, I have to admit that I idolize other successful women entrepreneurs a bit, and she’s definitely one of my faves. Not only has she created a smash hit with her Skinnygirl brand, she’s made it her mission to show that you can have it all — go out with the girls, but do it without ruining your hard work that you’ve put in all week on your diet.

Can you tell I kind of like her? I like her.

And now I like her even more. ‘Cause girlfriend came out with HUMMUS. SKINNYGIRL. HUMMUS. This is enough for me to nominate her for sainthood, pretty much. Once I caught Maisy, age 3, standing in the middle of the kitchen, licking hummus straight out of the tub. I couldn’t even be mad. I know the feeling. The hummus force is strong.

I usually don’t eat it straight from the tub (…and I stress “usually”), and my go-to dipper is whole wheat pita bread or veggies — carrots, celery, even cukes sometimes. Sometimes I’m forced to skip the pita, though, because I don’t have the room in my diet for that day. But dudes, Saint Frankel heard my prayers and gave us a hummus that’s made with non-fat Greek yogurt, is reduced calorie, all-natural, gluten-free and kosher. BOSS.

So I was sent a container of Roasted Red Pepper to try, and I’m the first to admit that I have a crazy aversion to bell peppers. I don’t know what it is, but they’re not my thing. But you know who’s thing it is? MAISY’S. I put a dollop on her plate and gave her a few pita triangles. She went to town! I’m taking some in my lunch this week, because even if I’m not the biggest Red Pepper fan, I’m a hummus fan and I’m not about to turn my back on some hummus that’s only 50 calories per serving. That would be sacrilegious. I’m definitely picking up a few containers of the other flavors though:  Classic, Cilantra Jalapeno, and Roasted Garlic.


Where to buy:

  • Kroger
  • Hy-Vee
  • Walmart
  • Fairway Market
  • Bristol Farms
  • Gelson’s

Bonus points for Skinnygirl because I have a coupon for you, too!


If you guys try it, let me know what you think! I’m so eager to try the Roasted Garlic flavor that I might burst.

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