This ain’t your mama’s dictionary. It’s the Clorox Ick-tionary! #sponsored

Clorox Icktionary

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here. If you have kids or have spent longer than about five minutes with a child that's under 6 years of age, you have an idea of how gross they can be. I kind of wish I could be so carefree -- walk around with tomato sauce all over my face, water on my shirt, or jelly in my hair. Who cares, right?! I've got places to be! No time to clean up. Besides, it's hardly noticeable! That's definitely what my kids are thinking. And it's … [Read more...]

#ad I used #GeekSquadTechSupport and LOVED it!

Geek Squad Logo

You'd think that I would be able to keep my computer running in tip top shape since it's basically my bread and butter, right? Without my laptop, I can't blog, I can't work, and I can't waste hours on Pinterest. OH THE HUMANITY! I've had my laptop for about 2 years, and it's kind of starting to die on me. Opening a program is like pulling teeth, stuff crashes all the time, and it's just a mess. I have been eyeing new computers, but I knew that this one is probably fine --- it just needs some cleaning up. I knew that Geek Squad could probably help me, so I decided to give them a … [Read more...]

Check me out, yo. The Fairy Hobmother is a fan!


So a while back, I was visiting a blog that cracks me up, and I saw that this little mythical guy (yes -- male) called the Fairy Hobmother stopped by her blog. I commented on the Hobmother post, and promptly forgot about it. Then a few days ago, I got this email! I was very impressed with what I saw, you clearly work very hard on your blog and I think that such hard work deserves to be rewarded. I’d like to send you a $50 voucher for Amazon to brighten your day. Why thank you, Fairy Hobmother! I'm saving up for a Garmin GPS watch, so this will be perfect! I was a little skeptical, but … [Read more...]

2012 Traffic Report

2012 Overview

A bunch of bloggers that I network with are sharing their stats for 2012. I have to say, I feel a little silly putting this out there, but I know that when I was first starting out, I was really inspired by seeing big bloggers post their traffic reports. It made that level feel attainable! So, here goes nothin'! Traffic Overview It was a goal of mine to pass the 1,000,000 pageview mark, and I did it! Well, YOU GUYS did it! Top 10 Referring Sites Pinterest Direct/None Google/Organic Pinterest Mobile Facebook Repinly Online Sweepstakes Stumbleupon RSS Top 10 … [Read more...]

Friday the 13th Ad Sale!


  In honor of the spooktastic Friday the 13th, I will be having an ad sale! For just $13, you can purchase a month long ad on Freckleberry Finds, which is normally $25! Freckleberry Finds averages 8,500 unique pageviews a month, so this is a great way to get your 125x125 button seen by many people. All you have to do is submit this form and I'll be in touch :). Please put "Friday the 13th Ad Sale" in the subject. Sale ends Saturday the 14th. … [Read more...]

Blog Blast Mini Sign Ups Now Open!

Hey bloggers! Blog Blast Mini is back! There's oodles of events and hops going on, but some of them are out of bloggers' price range. But you want to increase your social media following, too! Blog Blast mini is perfect for you! Here's how it works: $6 entry fee gets you one social media link of your choice (GFC, Facebook  page, Twitter, Email sub., etc) Only 10 blogs will be accepted as co-hosts (first come, first serve) One lucky reader takes home $50 PayPal cash! Each participating blog will be given the Rafflecopter code to place on their blog, making each of us hosts :).This … [Read more...]

When Confetti Pretzels Explode on Stumble Upon


Well, that was fun! The other day, I made a recipe post about how to make Confetti Pretzels. I made them on a whim, and decided to do a little tutorial for you fine folks. So yesterday the fam and I went into town to look at a couch for our new house, and on our way home, we get a voicemail from HostGator. Like any other obsessed blogger, I panic. What's wrong with my site?! Did I get hacked?! Am I being inundated by bots?! I could only think the worst. Mr. Freckleberry got on the phone with HostGator and I flipped open my laptop to assess the situation. Wait. What?! 2,267 hits?! In a … [Read more...]

Peace Love & Poop // 1,000 Follower Giveaway Event!


My really great friend, Shannon, runs a fabulous blog called Peace, Love & Poop. She's hit 1,000 followers, and to celebrate, she's hosting a stellar giveaway celebration! Want a sneak peak of the goodies up for grabs? Rockboard Scooter ($199 value!) Giant Microbes Camera Creatures (2 winners) BabyBond Tupperware Quick Chef Pro System ($84 value!) Healthy Plate Yoga Kids DVD Juppy Baby Walker PlasmaCar ($60 value!) B&T Tooshies Sally Stitches (crochet hats) Beco Baby Carrier (Beco Butterfly, $140 value!) Uh, I don't know about you, but those sound flippin' … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Toolbox: How I Make My Own Buttons, No Photoshop Required!

cloudy day giveaway

So you want to make your own event or blog button/banner, but you don't have Photoshop (or, like me, want to throw your computer across the room when you try to use it)? Never fear, mighty blogger. I am here. I will warn you, this is probably the most ridiculous way ever to make a button, but hey, I make my own, and it works! The image above? I made it. It ain't nothin' fancy, but I think it's decent! What You'll Need A Background A Rad Font Some Basic Computron Skillz First, find yourself a background. Personally, I like to use digital scrapbooking papers that you can very often … [Read more...]