Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie Children’s Book #Review and #Giveaway — SO Good!


Do you guys remember the two little girls from across the pond who rapped to Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass"? I fell in love with them, and so did Ellen DeGeneres! With imaginations as big as these girls have, I knew they were destined to do something amazing. Rosie reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid. Loud, creative, and possessing more energy than should be allowed ;). These girls have put their talents to great use and have written a children's book! Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie TEA TIME WITH SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE is the perfect book for you and your daughter … [Read more...]

Holidays with Hallmark // #Review and #Giveaway

hallmark collage

For many people, the holiday season means sending and receiving cards. I don't know about you, but it's always nice to get mail from a friend or relative. I love to hang up our friends' photos -- makes me feel like they're closer, even though we all live so far away! Hallmark is the greeting card king -- maybe that's what their crown is for! They have ways of tugging at my heart strings and making me feel all wishy washy and warm inside. I love it. This year is no different. Check out some of the cards that they've created: Hallmark Signature Collection: With exquisite textures, … [Read more...]

Holiday Storytime // Happy’s Christmas Gift Book #Review & #Giveaway


Christmas is a time of year that our household always gets excited about, even before we had children. This year however with an almost 4 year old daughter and a 18 month old son it's especially exciting. We are trying really hard to impress on our kids that Christmas isn't just about the gifts but also about the giving and being with each other and loving others. One of the best ways to help get this kind of message into their heads is through books. Enter "Happy's Christmas Gift" by Geoff Parker Sr. and illustrated by Lisa Fox. I was lucky enough to be able to review this book and when I … [Read more...]

PaperSalt Tools For Families Review and Giveaway


Parenting. It's hard, for real. Papersalt knows that, and so they've done us 'rents a solid and made some pretty stellar books that can help you guide through the tough stages of parenting. Whether you've got little ones or teenagers, Papersalt has a knack for helping you out with little tips, tricks, and encouraging words to help you pull through! Papersalt creates tools that focus on respect, self-esteem, health, table manners, safe driving and other lessons on becoming an adult, targeting kids from age 6-18. My personal favorite is the Kid Coupon book, where kids can earn ice cream … [Read more...]

Julia’s Child Review


Michelle is a mother of a sweet almost three year-old, and an author/blogger over at Two Exits Past Mommyland. As a chick lit devotee, I quickly volunteered when Ashley asked me if I wanted to review Julia's Child by Sarah Pinneo for Freckleberry Finds. What could be better than a funny story about a mom trying to have it all in the big city? I'm glad I signed up to check out this book - it was fantastic company on my train ride to work and fun to linger with over coffee. I highly recommend you pick it up and see for yourself! The book tells the story of Julia Bailey, the struggling owner … [Read more...]

The Underside of Joy Review

underside of joy

  By Jennifer Sargent I recently read The Underside of Joy by Sere Prince Halverson, which begins when Ella, married to Joe for just three short years, learns that he drowned early one morning while taking photographs from an oceanside cliff. She is left with his two very young children that she has been raising as her own. Ella had been told that their birth mother, Paige, abandoned the family shortly before she herself met Joe, with no intention of ever returning. But when Paige shows up at Joe’s funeral, Ella soon learns that the real story is much more complex.   As a … [Read more...]

Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden Review and Giveaway


Now that Emma is almost reading on her own, I've been on a book binge. Any book. Any theme. Doesn't matter! I just want her to be exposed to all kinds of books with all kinds of messages. Since the arrival of her baby sister in May, Emma has been intrigued by babies and how families are made.Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden is a perfect book that she can read that shows a family in the making! It goes perfectly with it's prequel, Chippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden. This book captures rare moments of the chipmunks natural habitat, and Emma loves seeing real, beautifully taken … [Read more...]

Malcolm McDinkelstorm Fedderman Stich // A New Children’s Book


My maiden name was a mouthful, and I encountered many mispronunciations and jumbled syllables. But with a name like Malcolm McDinkelstorm Fedderman Stich, the title character of this new children's book has me beat by a mile! This story, authored by Peter Carnegie, centers itself around Malcolm and his tongue twister of a name. He decides to get a long legged, pot bellied frog for a pet, and naming him proves to be a fun adventure! What kind of name can Malcolm dream up for his new companion? Malcolm and his new buddy are beautifully illustrated by Patty Johnston. Author and former … [Read more...]

“I See the Sun” Children’s Book Series | Review & GiveAway


The I See The Sun books are a series of illustrated stories for children, about children from other countries. Set in Afghanistan, Nepal and China, each book follows a specific child throughout her day, as she experiences life in her own culture. The text of the story is written in both English, and the native language of the child in the story ~ genius! I was thrilled to receive all three of the books currently in the series (future titles include Russia, Mexico, India, and Israel/Palestine and have not yet been released), and really liked what I saw. All of these titles are published by … [Read more...]

Changing Diapers Book Review // Rumparooz or FuzziBunz Giveaway


It's no wonder people get a little shell-shocked when they decide to start cloth diapering. The sheer number of brands out there can be intimidating, much less learning the difference between pockets, prefolds, AIOs, AI2s, Fitteds, etc. It's like a completely new language! Then, once you learn what the heck all those abbreviations mean, you then need to figure out which one you wanna use! It can be exhausting if you don't have something to help you along the way. Thankfully, Kelly Wels has taken the hard work of navigating cloth out of the equation! She has authored a truly fabulous new book … [Read more...]