Things Have Happened.

Andrew Ashley

I know I haven't done a good job at all with keeping up with my once-beloved blog over the past year. I've been neglecting what was once my main source of income and my creative outlet. Here are things, ordered semi-reliably from least to most impactful, that have happened in my life in the past 6-ish months: I've gained 20 pounds, sitting at about 170 right now. The reason for this is, on paper, simply explained by overeating and not exercising enough. It's not an excuse, but a big factor is the fact that .... I work full time. More than full time, really, if we're getting picky, but … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Spring with Carters! #CartersSpringStyle #ad + GIVEAWAY!

Carter's Spring Style

I participated in this program on behalf of Carter's and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. I know that most of the US is still buried under a bazillion feet of snow, but here in Arizona, we're loving our bragging season -- Spring! I always like to do two big hauls for the kids clothes -- one at the beginning of the school year, and one right before spring break. Our summers are hot and long, so we have to find a TON of great warm weather outfits for all of the kids. We've lucked out in that we have a Carter's store here in the Phoenix metro, so I've been day dreaming about cute outfits … [Read more...]

This ain’t your mama’s dictionary. It’s the Clorox Ick-tionary! #sponsored

Clorox Icktionary

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here. If you have kids or have spent longer than about five minutes with a child that's under 6 years of age, you have an idea of how gross they can be. I kind of wish I could be so carefree -- walk around with tomato sauce all over my face, water on my shirt, or jelly in my hair. Who cares, right?! I've got places to be! No time to clean up. Besides, it's hardly noticeable! That's definitely what my kids are thinking. And it's … [Read more...]

Beating Summer Blues with Netflix Just For Kids! #sponsored #NetflixKids

Netflix Logo Just For Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX. A few months ago, we cut the cord. We finally kicked DirecTV (and their $170/month bill!) to the curb. Now, we get our TV on with Netflix! I was nervous about the switch at first, because I really rely on the preschool programming in the mornings -- sometimes I just need to get a little work done, y'know? But I have been pleasantly surprised by Netflix! So what do they have on Netflix, anyway? A lot of stuff, that's what! We're big on Disney in our house, so I was so pleased to see that Netflix has added a ton of Disney … [Read more...]

A new part of our routine: GoodNites Bed Mats #sponsored

GoodNites Bed Mats | Freckleberry Fit

Tonight, our bedtime routine was one that we've been doing for the past few weeks. It wasn't too different from months ago -- we change into jammies, say our "I love you"s, and turn out the lights. But now, before Micah even climbs into bed, we put down a fresh GoodNites bed mat.   Potty Training vs. Bedwetting Micah is a just-turned-four-year-old who deals with nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, which is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control usually occurs. It's different from potty training, though, and I want that to be clear. Potty training … [Read more...]

The Time I Called Poison Control. #ad

Safe Kids Worldwide | Poison Control Infographic

When Maisy was a little peanut, my life consisted of being a milkmaid and blogging from my couch. Maisy was a tiny little gal, and I was constantly feeding her in an effort to make sure she kept gaining weight and that my supply was maintained. All new breastfeeding moms can sympathize, right? It's something that pretty much takes over your life. You've got to make sure you have a comfy nursing spot, because you'll be spending a lot of time there! One nursing session turned into a really, really scary situation. While I was nursing Maisy on the couch, Emma (then 4) and Micah (then 2) were … [Read more...]

Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie Children’s Book #Review and #Giveaway — SO Good!


Do you guys remember the two little girls from across the pond who rapped to Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass"? I fell in love with them, and so did Ellen DeGeneres! With imaginations as big as these girls have, I knew they were destined to do something amazing. Rosie reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid. Loud, creative, and possessing more energy than should be allowed ;). These girls have put their talents to great use and have written a children's book! Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie TEA TIME WITH SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE is the perfect book for you and your daughter … [Read more...]

We shopped ’til we dropped at #CookiesKids! #Cbias


Emma is starting to grow out of her back-to-school clothing purchases, and she's coming home with ripped knees in her jeggings from playing so much! I'm glad she's having a blast at school and all, but I needed to pick up some more bottoms for her. I'd looked at some big box stores, but they have a ton of Spring stuff -- shorts, skirts, and the like. Even though we live in Arizona, it's still chilly! She needed some jeans, and so I figured I'd just find her some online. I had seen other bloggers post about how they found great stuff for pretty affordable prices at, so I … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘N Style Pet Shop #Review & #Giveaway


Growing up as a girl I had tons of Barbie® dolls and would get together with friends and we would create huge cities out of our entire basements for ourdolls to live in. Well now Barbie® and Mega Bloks® and have come out with Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘n Style sets. This combines a great love of building blocks and Barbie® dolls that a ton of girls (and boys!) can really enjoy. We were excited to be able to review Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘n Style Pet Shop. My daughter, who is almost 4, was so excited when she saw the box. It is geared toward kids 4+ and while she can help with snapping them … [Read more...]

The New Step2 Easy Turn Coupe is here! Win one while helping the Saving tiny hearts Society! #Giveaway


Holy. Awesome. That's what I said when I opened up my door to see the new Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. "But I have a coupe for my kids!" you might be saying. Oh no, my friends. You don't have a coupe like this. Step2 is at the 2013 Toy Fair this weekend debuting the new Easy Turn Coupe, and in celebration, I'm going to give you guys a sneaky peek! This bad boy is a lovechild of two really incredible products. I've always seen parents pushing their kiddos around in ride-ons like the Sportster, but the Easy Turn Coupe brings it to another level. I love the idea of a pretend car, but I didn't … [Read more...]