Learning to Like My Body and #FightFatTalk

#FightFatTalk | Freckleberry Fit

It's funny, you know, how those magazines and weight loss reality shows paint the most beautiful picture of how a person should look after they lose a substantial amount of weight. You see those before and after photos, and you just know that if you buckle down and overhaul your entire life, that you'll get those results. You'll have a slim, flat stomach and you will be SO HAPPY! Look at her smile! It's so white and pearly and wide! She worked hard and she EARNED these results. And then, you lose a substantial amount of weight. Just like that girl on the Half My Size issue of the checkout … [Read more...]

That Time I Ran A Half Marathon And Didn’t Die

So proud of myself!

Well. I'm three days past race day, and I am slowly starting to not limp a little when I get out of my office chair at work, so I think it's time I recap my run, eh? On Friday night, my sister, Kelsey, flew in to the Phoenix airport from San Antonio to run the race with me. We wanted to both run our first half marathon together, so she flew out here for the occasion. She's been a runner for some time, and has always been athletic (soccer, volleyball, kickball...the list goes on! She was playing sports while I did musical theatre growing up!), but she has been having really weird issues with … [Read more...]

I finally bought some new kicks! #ReebokMom #sponsored

Reebok Mom

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating. Way back when I was at my starting weight, I spent every last penny of an Amazon gift card on workout clothes --- and that included the cheapest pair of running shoes I could find. I obviously didn't even try them on; I just purchased the size I presumed I would need. It wasn't all bad, really. Those $20 shoes (on super-duper clearance) carried me many, many miles. But now that I'm in … [Read more...]

Weigh In Wednesday: Snowballs and Tiny Numbers

Freckleberry Fit

What? It's Thursday? This week has been a total blur. I posted last week on Thursday, too, since time has been slipping away from me. Andrew's been travelling a lot, so I've been flying solo. Emma started school, and I started working full time in the office, and while I have never been happier about my job and our family arrangement, I'm totally wiped out! I'm going to try and breeze through tonight's post so I can fall asleep before 9. Granny alert, y'all. Cheat Meal Snowball So on Friday, I posted on Facebook about how I was making dinner for a local friend who just kicked cancer's ass … [Read more...]

Weigh In Wednesday: Oh. My. Flipping. God.

Freckleberry Fit Weight Watchers

Last week I talked about how great it felt to be on track, in the groove, and back in the game. The same still rings true for this week! I've tracked my food every single day, and I've so well with eating on track! This week has been exceptionally busy. Not only did I start working from the office (which means an hour+ commute each way), but Emma also started school on Wednesday! Tuesday night, I swear, I started prepping everything for the next morning and it took me a solid two and a half hours to get lunches made, clothes set out, kids bathed and put in bed, and all of my work ducks in a … [Read more...]

Weigh In Wednesday: Week I Don’t Even Know

Size 12 Freckleberry Fit

Guys, it's Wednesday. And I weighed in. And ... I'm blogging. On time. Try not to pass out. Andrew is out at an HOA meeting and I have a few minutes to sit down and write about my week. I've honestly been busting my ass this week, and it's been amazing. I've eaten on plan, I've been shredding, and I've also been LOSING! My last post was more of the same ho-hum "why am I in a funk" drivel, and I'm so pumped to be out of the rut. I think it's probably the fact that my half marathon is looming (November 3! OMG!), and I know I want to do well in the race. It's like butterflies are flitting … [Read more...]


Weight Loss Quotes

Seriously. What is the ever-loving issue in my brain? I just posted this to a weight loss group I'm in with a handful of girlfriends. It puts it pretty well: "I need someone to ride my ass on this shit. I don't know why I can't get it together and lose the last ten-ish pounds. Seriously! I've effing lost FIFTY+ POUNDS, and I can't muster the willpower to whip out the last ten. It's getting stupid. Also, I have a half marathon in 4 months that I need to train for. Someone be mean to me or something." I mean really. You guys have watched me on this journey for nearly a year (I started … [Read more...]

It’s Challenge Time. #NoSodaSummer


It's something that I've been trying to quit for a really, really long time. Last fall, I got into a really great swing and went soda-free. I didn't really miss it, and I would have it on occasion when we went out to eat. Otherwise, it was water for me! I felt great, and I know that I was just healthier then, you know? Around Christmas time (oh y'know, nearly 6 months ago), I got back into the soda habit, and I am fully addicted again. It's so hard for me to say no to a fizzy fountain drink! Diet Dr. Pepper is my BFF, and I could drink it all day long if I let myself. So bad for me. But … [Read more...]

Weigh In Wednesday Week 43: Back on the Wagon

Weight Watchers App Screenshot

So if you read my post on Monday, you know that I've been having a rough go of it. There's nothing worse than being in a rut, and I've finally decided to pull myself out of it. And it. feels. awesome. Since Monday, I've tracked every bite of food that's gone into my mouth -- yes, even the two frozen margaritas I had on Tuesday. They were even more costly than my two shredded chicken soft tacos (which were so delish, by the way). It makes me feel safe knowing that even if I dip into my weekly points, I know exactly what I have left to 'spend'. If you're not tracking your food yet, do it! … [Read more...]

I think Weight Watchers is trying to tell me something.

Freckleberry Fit Weight Watchers

It's no secret that I've been so insanely busy, and I've missed a lot of weekly weigh ins. A lot of it is because once I'm done with my "real" job, I am ready to turn off the computer and hang with my kids -- which is awesome! Summer is coming up and we bought a new pool for the backyard to tide us over until we (hopefully) put in an in-ground pool over the winter. The kids are growing gills, and I've loved every second of lounging in a floaty-thing, sipping either a Diet Dr. Pepper or some kind of mixed drink. This scenario is glorious, and it's really, truly, been a joy to just LIVE. But … [Read more...]